WOW that is A LOT of Money.

WOW that is A LOT of Money.

Wow that’s a lot of money for the amount of time it
took. How come so much? My doctor does not charge that much. What makes a
customer say those words? Why would they say it? What went wrong? What did the
customer like and what did she not like?

What is missing from the equation is the dreaded 5 letter
word called value. The client does not feel enough value has traveled their way.
What went wrong? It is possible the majority of the process was flawless. After
all, the customer said yes to your offering.

Typically in this situation a little tweaking is all that is necessary
to prevent this type of reaction from your client. The client must feel as if
you are an expert and that you have done this very thing hundreds if not
thousands of times and it will not take you very much time at all.

Frequently a client has this reaction when the service technician
only completes one small minor task and any dollar amount will cause this type
of reaction. It is not a matter of convincing the client that the dollar amount
is justified. It really is not about the money, it is more about the amount of
time that is spent fixing the problem and time spent with the client gathering information.
Increasing communication is generally the answer to this specific issue.

How will the service technician answer the question
after the job is completed?

Answering this question is very difficult after the task has
been repaired or replaced. The urgency to get it done is no longer available.
Building value after the fact is not an easy task. A best practice is to ask if
there is anything else you could do for him or her for free. Some small task the
client has lived with that he or she does not have to live with such as
tightening up a loose door handle, cabinet knob or changing light bulbs that
are burned out.

The next step is to stop, listen and do not interrupt the
client. Understanding what the client is feeling is essential. Then ask why he
or she feels that way and listen some more. Once you understand why the client
feels that way you can now answer all of their questions and concerns. At this time
you must hope the client will understand that you are an expert in this very task
and will accept that as a viable option. John I hope you will not hold it
against me that I have done this very job hundreds of times. And that is why it
did not take any time at all. My goal with you is to be as efficient and quick
as possible while giving you the best service that I have to give you.

After the fact and after the task has been repaired or
replaced will make this more of a difficult situation to defend.

What could have been done to prevent the reaction?

To prevent this from happening in the future I would suggest
all service technicians develop a short inspection checklist to perform at the beginning
of every service call. Check each individual item in the home that is specific
to your trade. HVACs can check air vents, a coil, and thermostat, check out the
condition of their air handler, air conditioning unit or heat pump, filters in
the home.

Electricians can check out the panel box, receptacles, and switches.
Check out the safety receptacles to make sure they are working properly. You
may even want to change a few dirty plates that cover wall switches.

Plumbing service technicians can check out all the plumbing fixtures,
water heater ,outside  water valves and
main water emergency shutoff, emergency shutoffs under the sinks and toilets.
Tighten loose faucet handles or toilet seats.

The idea will be to take care of any item that you and your
company really do not want to warranty or be called out to repair that the
ideal charge cannot be charged.  This may
take 15-30 minutes to perform and give you a lifelong customer that will enjoy
repeat performances from your company. The little extra service that appears with
a smile from you and give pleasure to your client that will make their day
while separating you from every other service company.

This will not guarantee that you will never hear those
dreaded words however it can limit the number of times you will hear them. It
will give the client a different experience then any he or she has had with
other service companies and separates you from the others. Start today enhancing
your clients purchases changing the client to a life long partner.


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