Why gain Clarity from your Clients?


Why gain Clarity from your Clients?


Clarity is defined by Merriam Webster as a quality or state of being clear. Seeking clarity in the field of sales is essential for success. Clarity is critical with any sale in order to give the client the proper information to formulate a plan that includes the best possible decision or choice.


Frequently sales people in the trades will start talking with and to a client. Regularly the sales service technician will attempt to finish sentences for the client. The Sales service technician assumes that he or she will know the exact situation the client is in and will give their expert advice immediately on what they know rather than what the client knows and understands.


Try letting the client complete their thought and say what they want and mean. Do not interrupt the client. A fantastic way to gain clarity with a client is too ask why in some form. This will give you the knowledge to prepare the correct information to present the solution that compliments the customer’s knowledge. This in turn will give the client correct knowledge to base an informed decision that will best benefit him or her.


By gaining insight with the customers thought process and knowledge of their problem the sales service technician will discover exactly what the customer requires and expects from him or her. Your solution can now be formatted to answer your client’s questions and concerns.


Why ask why?


Stop doing what everybody else is doing. Frequently people follow a broad base road rather than follow a narrow path to success. You can choose to remain with the status quo while you can keep accepting as normal the same way you do business however you cannot expect different results. You can choose a different direction and do something different and separate yourself from the competition. Ask yourself why you do what you do. Discover your cause and purpose. Discover a new purpose that gives something back to the client. Design a new shape and form, a fresh style of delivering and ` presenting your solution. Start sculpting a better choice towards the client doing business with you. When you gain clarity you are no longer a slave to the unknown. You no longer are a slave to the client’s words or actions manifested in your mind by you placing perceived resistance and reluctance within your mind.


It is our duty to manage our client’s problems, concerns, or issues. It is our duty to provide long term solutions and suggestions with preventive measures. We do this when clarity is gained. Discover a true difference maker with each client that includes listening and hearing their words. Then take those words and tailor your presentation to answer the client’s real concerns verse your perceived concerns.


A trade sales service technician’s real purpose is to serve and help other people. A best practice is to serve your client’s in their best interest. This means the service providers want and needs should not supersede or compromise the client’s best interests. Your beliefs must match up with your actions. Line up your beliefs with your behavior. When this happens the sale becomes magical when it is laced with sincerity.


The service provider is loaning their experience, knowledge, and professionalism to the client. Once the client accepts the proposal and commits to owning the solution it transfers from a loan to ownership. Are you hearing your client’s wants and believing they are demands? If so you must gain clarity. Do you understand their thoughts? Do you want to understand why the client thinks and behaves a certain way?


Today is as good a day to start gaining clarity with your clients as any other day. You will be amazed by the results you get by doing something different than usual. Start today allowing your client to get involved with the decision making by understanding your clients words and actions. Ask why questions!




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