A Better You


A Better You


Frequently the way we live our personal lives has the ability to affect the way we conduct ourselves professionally. Quite often while speaking with individuals they will make a statement that their personal life has nothing to do with the professional life. For some reason people think they can separate their personal life from their professional life. Quite contraire your personal life controls your professional life. It leads directly into and with integrity, ethics and honesty that drives production and quality of work.


When you are a person of faith you will allow the faith to help guide you with the choices you make both professional and personal. It is not a 2 way street. You believe or you do not believe. You live your life with faith or you live your life without faith. There are many people who are fence sitters with faith however at the core faith will win.


Each person was brought up living life with certain values that he or she holds dearly. These are beliefs that you hold true and they are core to how you think. It is very rare that a person will go against their core values as that is how people base important decision in their life. It would be very difficult to work at a place that would try to divide the core values an individual possesses. Unhappiness is sure to follow that typically can lead to a deterioration of those core values. Something has to give.


In today’s blog I am jumping over a sales theme however these ideas surely can help guide you to a better sales practice living life with balance. It will make you stronger with your beliefs and help you to influence people due to a stronger will that is guided by something more powerful than a want. Discover how you can implement this blog into your daily living that will inspire others to make the right choices.


The Law of attraction states a belief with a positive or negative will result in a positive or negative action. There can be any law to any situation where the evidence points to anecdotal reviews that are subjective. Law of riches, law of attrition, and the royal law are some more laws that can be hard to prove. Someone somewhere has inserted some type of law that explains personal experience and these laws are subjective.  Some things you must have a belief and take a leap of faith that they are real.


Where did these laws derive from? I believe they came from people that knew and understood we as people need balance in our lives. These laws are basically common sense values and ideas that allow you the opportunity to have balance in your life. When these laws and balance is followed life flows effortlessly and smoothly. Where your action is natural and creates joy.


This does not mean that turmoil does not exist and will not exist. However the balance will give you insight on how to deal with the trials and tribulations that seem to cross our paths from time to time. What transpires is the ability to dwell on how to move forward verse why did I get here and feeling sorry for being at that point. Having the ability to take a negative and swing it over to a positive result is a powerful feeling that overtakes the adversity of staying on the spiraled road downward. Quicksand becomes solid ground and you have a solid foundation to build a future.


When we practice these laws and implement them into our daily life the trials and tribulations are triumphed over and celebrated as an achievement overcoming reluctance and resistance with your professional and personal life. Suddenly relationships become more about other people verse you being the focal point.


Frequently people have a tendency to live life with the “I” even within the family structure verse a structure of us. When living life selfishly as the “I” very little joy surrounds living life. Fun and laughter is limited due to limited sharing. However when you live a life in balance you will smile more, laugh harder, and relish thoughts  while enjoying explosive joyfulness. Having this balance will overwhelmingly help you overtake any negative turns in the road of life.


Sometimes negative events try to sneak into your life having the sole purpose of turning the meaning of your life upside down. It is at this point that living a balanced life will allow you to have the ability to search for a positive reason this obstacle has entered and found your life. Do not let why me enter into a dark deep place where the world can fall apart around you. This is where you must find a little more you to battle obstacles that threaten to slow you down. There is no time to hide in the side streets of life as you are needed to help those less fortunate then you.


It is your responsibility to search and discover a different outlook and see a different result that produces kindness, goodness and patience. Go ahead get angry sometimes we need anger to help fuel our desires and inspire us to discover motivation to overcome obstacles. Once the motivation has arrived it is time to tone the anger down and allow positive stuff to appear. When we allow anger to have a persistent presence lingering on we may feel a glimmer of happiness temporarily.  You may even feel a little superiority over the other person or object. What have you really accomplished?


What you have accomplished is someone is emotionally disabled. Typically it is the one that is angry that is disabled. When 2 people are angry both are emotionally disabled. Words are used as a tool to destroy another person’s will. This will that is affected is self-esteem and self-control. Today is the day to make a choice and that choice is to leave selfish reasoning behind and start living an inclusive life with balance.


It is the time today to make a conscious effort to stand outside the turbulence going on around you. See the potential damage of selfishness whether it is with defending a position right or wrong and start seeing a different approach that influences a decision due to having balance in your life.


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