Is there a time or place for sales in the service trades?


Is there a time or place for sales in the service trades?


Paying attention to contractors and service technicians such as plumbers, heating and air conditioning, and electricians you are lead to believe that sales is a dirty word never to be spoken. Heaven forbid that you would look for work or sell something that was not broke. Looking for work and sales seems to have the same definition with some contractors and their companies.


These same contractors have a belief that  it is the responsibility of the home owner to inform them the professional when a product breaks down or is acting up and soon will break down. When the home owner speaks these words the contractor shakes their head in disbelief and they are; while you are here, while you are here, and do you have time to look at something else.  How dare the home owner ask this as they do not respect me or my time? I have other customers to take care of and will reschedule this when I am not so busy.


The home owner will not mind after all I am really good and I treat him or her well. If the home owner wants the best they will work with me and wait for me.  If not they can go fly a kite. It is my business not theirs and no one will tell me how to run my business. I have done this for years and I am successful.


Some home owners will not try another service provider for myriad of reason. 1 reason they have tried other companies and have experienced the same miserable service and you are the best of the worst. The customer has been programed to receive terrible service by these other service providers and you. If you were to ask the home owner you would discover the reputation of the service provider is not all that we believe it is and is not where it should be on the sliding scale.


For plumbers the reputation is a butt crack person that has a limited education and ability to converse. Heating and air conditioning reputation is dirty and again limited education. The electrician is one that has a common nickname of sparky. The trades are the number one item taught to inmates in prison. It is no wonder that the public holds the trades in low esteem and a reputation that follows that thought process.


What do you think a home owner would do if they called a service provider that was happy to be at their home? What if this other service provider was just as good with technology and their trade? Imagine for a second that this technician could communicate with terminology that the home owner understood and appreciated? What if this company and technician were happy to serve and help the home owner when they asked those 3 questions of while you are here, could you take a look at, and by the way? What if this technician automatically  said to the home owner by the way Mrs. Home Owner I noticed several other items in your home that will require at some time in the next 12 months your attention would that be of interest to you? What if this extra information given to the home owner only took 20 minutes to save the customer the hours of frustration with future product failures? Now your home owner will have the ability to budget for these same repairs or take care of them today. When in the past they complained about your price when you made a repair.  Boom Boom Bang Bang you’re dead and you have just lost your customer to the company that provided a different experience and better service.


I work with home owners daily and I understand their wants and needs. An overwhelming number of customers welcome the additional information that will save them time, money, and frustration in the future. Of course you may run into the occasional home owner that only wants you to take care of that one specific problem that they called to have fixed. Let us not waste time on the exception. When we condition our customers to a higher expectations you will discover that 1% of the clientele that does not want to speak about preventive measures means very little in the long run.


More customers will be impressed with the different level of service and thank you for informing them of those preventive measures. Since 1973 I have never met a home owner that has budgeted for plumbing, heating and air conditioning or electrical disasters. By  giving the customer information concerning possible preventive measures he or she can now budget for those repairs and get to them prior to breaking down and being inconvenienced by the premature failure of their product.


It will not take long to discover how much a difference this is too your customers. You will know this in less than 1 week. Even your hard core customers will like the new look and your ego will not show the effects of being black and blue from the bruises you thought you would incur. The only person stopping you from going above and beyond providing excellent service and a different experience is you.


Start today giving your customers an inspection that would enable you to discuss preventive measures and how this will help save your customer time, money, and the frustration of broken down products from premature failures. Next thing to start is a service agreement that allows the home owner to request you to enter their home to inspect their products to prevent premature failure. Do not sell yourself short.




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