I’m So Afraid


I’m So Afraid


Sales; the word by itself scares so many people. It can make a grown man or woman shake in their boots. Trembling, sweaty, speechless due to the way he or she feels not allowing the real person to shine. Coherent thought gives way to incoherent rants rumbling fumbling aimlessly without rhyme or reason. Time seems to stand still 3 minutes seems like hours allowing the agony of failure to remain a constant threat felt in the back of their throats. Gagging for words, any words that will surface and come to their rescue and save the day.


For some people the thrill of sales is the complete opposite. Where the stomach churns and a frenzied torrid pace seems to slow down and you enter “The Zone”.  This is where the excitement of the game inside the game creates turbulence giving birth to enthusiasm. This eagerness stimulates the mind in anticipation of a successful sale. The pure sensation and pleasure of helping another person is delightful while creating an atmosphere of positive energy. Guiding the client into the perfect situation that encompasses both the budget and best interest of all who are engaged and that is the primary goal leading to a completed sale.


Then there is the middle area where joy is mixed with torment. This is the area where most who participate in sales are located. This so so area are for those who may have a system however the majority of times it is neglected and replaced by a wish and  a prayer that things will go well.  Of course there is the low and high end of the spectrum within this grey area. This area has as many ups and downs that seem to take its toll on those that move two steps forward three backwards and then one forward. Always remaining constant and playing it safe.


Rewards and risks play a huge role to the positioning of each sales person. It is natural to assume the higher the risk the higher the reward. The risk is not insurmountable what seems insurmountable is where to start. No one wants to be a failure and no one wants to be average however if we are too believe the 80-20 rule where 80% of those involved in sales are average and below. Conversely the 20% are achieving stardom.


Speaking to many people and owners within the construction trades a common belief is comfort and complacency is the reason for accepting average to mediocre sales efforts. This also explains why so many companies fail to initiate a plan to increase business with sales. Instead the effort is spent on becoming more diverse adding different components to the company without addressing the real area that he or she should address. The idea to add revenue by adding more services verse adding more revenue with sales. This way also increases the cost of doing business and leads to less profitability while increasing revenue dollars. The other way is adopting a policy of raising prices as the only viable option to increase profits. Typically the return is the same either way.


Why fear sales? Sales are comparable to any other tool in the tool box. Why not use the tool, wipe away the rust and put it too good use. So why do people fear sales? For most people it is a lack of knowledge and skill. It is a fear of failing and allowing you to become vulnerable while learning a new way. When we face facts we understand that people generally are not successful when trying to venture out of what is called a comfort zone. The comfort zone is an area where we know what we know. By removing ourselves from the conventional comfort area we are no longer in the zone. We now enter a zone where we do not know what we do not know and must learn that we do not know. Then discover a way to learn the things that are necessary to achieve at a very high level of success.


This is an area where you either excel to a different level or free fall to the exact same stage you were losing ground as you once did. So you can see the risk involved is only an ego risk. Do not let your ego be so fragile that it clutches you forcing you to holding onto yesterday when you should be moving forward for tomorrow. Take the leap of faith and have a revival that searches to recreate yourself and your company.


To reach the upper plateau of sales simply takes a decision of  a willingness to participate. You must be willing to change behaviors and start sculpting a different you. Your core beliefs do not change however the way you adhere to those beliefs may alter your point of view expanding the horizons of those beliefs to a new level that embraces a different thought process while discovering different results.


You can reach this new plateau via expanding your ability to communicate by way of words that paint a vivid depiction of ownership. Use positive words that examine the benefits and the simple pleasure of ownership. The difference between stating do you want to fix this or which one best fits you today Mr. Client? Learn to stimulate the client verse putting them to sleep. Have a two way conversation and invite the client to get involved in the decision making process.


Next formulate a plan. Frequently the plan is arrive knock, bang on the door, or ring the doorbell. Howdy Mam I hear your toilet is acting up. I am here to take a look at it. Right after doing the job the bill is presented and a check is expected and off you go to the next poor victim if you’re lucky. Typically what transpires is a defensive move to position the reasons why the bill is so high as an explanation to the customer. I hate sales becomes the mentality. Of  course you hate it as you have no plan to succeed.



With a plan you will have more successful encounters with your clients. Hi Mr. Client, then move towards having a dialogue with the client. This conversation can cover a myriad of items. Please make the conversation about the client as they must feel like your number 1 client. By the way while you are there they are your number 1 ideal client. Focus your attention on him or her.


Decide today to start looking at their problem then asking questions about that problem to discover other concerns the client may have about that product. Once you have a complete understanding  of the client and what they want to do with this product  it is time to move on to another section of the plan.


Start to commit to an inspection that will allow you to open doors for consideration of preventive measures that the client may have to address in the upcoming months. This may add 15-30 minutes with each client however it is amazing how confident and comfortable the customer starts to become with you and the added value you are providing. In the past the client was comfortably numb with you and your offerings. Now they are ready and interested with what you found and what you are going to tell him or her.


Today is the day to decide that you will not fear the word and world of sales. Start giving your client what he or she should receive.


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