How strong is your presentation?


How strong is your presentation?


In the service trades there is a great need to present your solution in a way that is easily understood. Frequently the person conveying the message gets so stuck on convincing that something is missed and lost in the fray. When sales people start trying to convince people a connection is lost and people start to tune out and miss important data that helps guide the customer in the right direction.


This happens when the sales service technician failed to plan. You ask what is a plan and how can a plan be discovered with service work? A typical service call starts out with a customer making a phone call to your shop. The call center works at booking the call and setting the appointment. The time arrives and the service technician is sent to the customers home to take care of the issue that is driving the concern.


Next is arriving and getting into the home owners home to take a look at the problem child. While looking at the issue the technician nods or says yep can take care of that problem. The home owner than states how much and the tech replies do not know. The technician expects an answer of ok go ahead and fix it. Instead a blind blank stare is received. Then the tech says well do you want it? I may need to speak to my husband or I have to think about it and get back to you or they say go ahead since you’re here.


Imagine for a moment that this is an existing client and you received history concerning the client. This history could cover any and all work completed at their home in the past by your company. The history could have more meaning and the last few technicians might have had the office write a heads up to the client’s motivation to buy or a conversation starter for today. The idea is to get your customer to open up and become comfortable with you so that she is not afraid to give you information.


Whether or not you have history you want to create an environment that starts building some of that history today. You get that history by asking questions and allowing the customer to reply without interrupting or bringing the conversation back to you and about you. You are asking the client to take a walk with you and this walk is discovering trust, respect, and rapport. This is building the steps towards willing, ready, and able to do business with you. You want your words to be dancing in front of the customer’s eyes. Engaging your customer’s desire and interest to work with you and buy from you without hesitation or concerns.


Quite often as a service technician we look at the outside of the cup without taking notice of the contents inside the cup. We see the customer’s problem as a problem we must fix. However we do not possess the knowledge at this time if the customer even wants that problem fixed verses replacing the problem. Frequently the service company and their technicians are so proud of their skills to repair that we mask the real intent with false prejudices and assumptions.


The false prejudices and assumptions are a condition of mistrust. Mistrusting our customers to do the right thing and make the right choice. There is a belief that the customer is too cheap or does not have the funds to pay for a higher and often a better choice. This is based on past experiences the company and or service technician has had in the past with other customers.


Insanity is described as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If the company and technician are always asking the same thing and receiving he same answer or reply then a discovery is necessary. This new discovery will lead to asking a different way, creating a different level of conversation that points to a different way to communicate ideas and convey a new message.


Part of the plan is discovering a new way to communicate that is both effective and engaging. Stop thinking as a technician or a company. Stop using technical terminology to describe what is causing the problem and your proposal to get rid of the problem. Instead of telling your customer that the condenser unit is burned out explain what the condenser does and how it operates and then describe the way it works in laymen’s terms. Watch how the customer will now follow you and understand verse look to the ground lost in the translation.


Once communication is restored now is the time to institute a system that you follow. This is a guideline that you develop and pursue with every customer. Train yourself to become disciplined to these core essentials that give you a better opportunity for success.


Some things to add to a system

Some type of inspection. Always do the inspection upfront as opposed to the end of the service call. The reason to do the inspection first verse at the end, it is more difficult to gain a second or more commitments after price has been discussed. The customer has a preconceived notion concerning how much he or she is prepared to spend once price is discussed. Once price has been set the customer now has a vision that their spending is done.


Service agreement

If you do not have one, make sure to get one. The service agreement will inform the customer they have discovered the right company and have made the right choice.


Start giving options

With 1 option you have effectively made the choice concerning what the customer can do. You have given the customer 2 choices 1 is to make the repair or decline the offer. Options empower the customer giving him or her feeling that they are included in the decision making process.


Thank the customer for choosing you


Always discover why the customer chose you today conversely always ask the customer why they did not choose you. Do not become offended as this is a way to insure that you do not lose any other customers due to indifference or for any other reason that you can control. Ask for referrals and a referral letter.


Make a phone call after the sale


This is a fantastic time to thank the customer once again for using you. This is also a perfect time to ask for a referral by asking do you know of any others that want the same type service. If so would you mind telling them about me?


Increase the power of your presentation and start enjoying the ownership exchange and your custoemrs.



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