I Need a Business Coach


I Need a Business Coach


What is your intention and objective? What rationale are you using to determine your tenacity to reach your purpose?  Is your resolution resolute? Will your commitment and resolve match the desire of the want? What are you willing to do to reach your objective?


We all want success. I have never met any person that wanted failure. Sometimes success eludes us and it is difficult to understand and discover what is holding the success from overflowing the cup of wealth and desire. Often opportunities are pushed to the side and forgotten mainly due to our own ignorance to look past our own self absorb opinions. We live in this circle of what we know that binds and hinders our willingness to seek opportunities outside our realm of vision and beliefs.


Many business owners have hit the first of many curveballs thrown at them. It is called courage; you were able to call upon courage to take a risk and see what you can and could do. This is a huge step leaving for sure behind and entering I do not know territory. Something was able to push you to an unthinkable spot that transformed you from I think I can to I know I can.  You have entered the world of entrepreneur status. The sensation is you are the only Rooster in the henhouse. The first hurdle is overcome. You are now on display for public perception.


The next curveball is thrown that can keep you from the success that you yearn. You were standing firmly with both feet planted on the ground. The ball is coming for you and the knees buckle as you start to take your first step in the wrong direction. Once you realized the ball was moving away from you attempt a feeble weak swing and a miss. The curve ball is our economic climate of today. Where many people are unemployed, working for cash in your profession and many more have jumped on board the opportunity train to start up a new legitimate business in your profession.  You have enjoyed steady but limited growth and small profits.  I call this the cash in pocket syndrome. You live without some things and pick and choose what bills to pay.


You concentrate your efforts on local advertising, fliers, and mailers thinking small. All you need is a few more new customers and your old customers will surely use you over and over. You feel a little momentum and you release a huge sigh of relief. You made it through another year and the pitch was thrown outside for a ball.


While talking with your peers you inform them that you have never seen something last this long and hope you can hold out. The conversation eventually leads into this surely cannot last much longer. Of course they are feeling the pain of their customers who are no longer enjoying the disposable income they once enjoyed. All the while increased spending has overtaken the decreased incoming revenue. Another ball is thrown and it is heading straight for the chin that will show your reaction and resolve. Ball number 2 and now the count is even. However the status quo has remained the same and so will the results.


Things started to pick up however it is not steady. One month is great and the next month becomes the great depression. There is no way to set a trend and discover avenue that will produce different results. Your advertising is not working as well as it did the year before yet a decision to spend even more is made. This brings in the added revenue to earn a small profit and the thinking is we did better than many have this past year. Or woo I made it another year. The pitch was a little low for ball 3.


Today the business is 5 years old the feeling is I finally made it.5 years in and you have not made significant changes to the way you have run your business. You barely survived and you feel good about that today. The pure definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The pitcher is getting ready to deliver the next pitch in year 5. Everything is running in slow motion including the revenue.


You meet a person and he or she starts talking with you about your system that you employ for limited success. Wait there is no system. You have always said the same things in the same way expecting it to sooner or later catch on however things are same old same old. Using a sports idea all athletes hire a coach or work with a coach to improve their abilities. This friend talks to you about the importance of their coach and offers minor suggestions. This person suggests listening more and tuning in with the premise to understand and gain clarity with your customers.


The pitcher is about to throw the next pitch and you ask for time out from the umpire. The umpire grants you time out.  You like what you have heard and have discovered listening a little bit better will gain you more clarity which brings you closer to the customers wants and how they want this situation handled. Then you learn how to word your solution just a little different. This difference is aligned with the customers thought process and pattern. The customer now is engaged with what you are stating and agreeing with you. Your coach yells here is a curveball. You step into the curveball verse bailing out of the batter’s box and cleanly hit it out of the park. The customer buys from you and spends more than any of your other customers have in the past.


You have found a new way to swing the bat and anticipate what is coming your way. You understand why the pitcher is throwing the pitches at you. The pitches are to set you up for failure however once you understand why and what pitch is being thrown you are prepared to hit it out of the park. When you understand your clients and hear their intent you now can give the client better options that work within their budget. It isn’t that you needed more customers. You just needed to service the existing clients better than you were. The more you give to your clients the more they are willing to do for you. This means they will spend more, be stronger with their referrals and be your biggest supporter.


Why do you need coaching and training? To make a better tomorrow for you and your family. Included in this family is your immediate and extended work family. Help them help your customers help you.


Are you tired of walking back to the dugout with the bat on your shoulder? Do you want to start running around the bases jumping up and down for joy? This is why you find someone that can help you with your swing and get your groove back.




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    I have had the good fortune to correspond with Richard from time to time over the past year. I also read his blog whenever time permits.

    This post caught my attention over the weekend. If anyone is thinking about owning a business, is attempting to “live the entrepreneurial dream, or wants a great read, this post is for you! Check out how Richard eloquently describes the need for a business coach.

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    Interesting blog post.

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