What Do Your Customer’s Say?


What Do Your Customer’s Say?


As a business owner do you ever feel like you are sitting in a second hand store as a window display being taken for granted? Having the feeling that before you get started you are through. All this is due to a few customers and what they have said or done.


The first feeling is of anger as if the customer is questioning your ability by first suggesting that this should be easy for you or this should not take you long at all. The poor stupid home owner has no respect for the trade and how much time you have put into the trade to become as highly skilled as you are. Go ahead and burn that bridge tell that customer you do not need him or her and to go find someone else to bother.


There was no damn manual that came with starting up a business concerning how to treat scumbag idiot customers that have a belief your job is that easy. After all I bet they believe their job is one of the toughest jobs on the planet. How hard could their job be, they are a goof ball due to what they say.


Ever wonder why a customer would say the things that they do? There is a very simple reason people believe what they do and say the things that flow from their mouth. In the paragraphs above we have answered why. The reason is they are less educated about the profession then you are as you have studied why you must do the things you do. The education you have received has taken years for you to obtain to get to the point of expert status that you wear so proudly. However what has taken years for you to master you expect the customer to know immediately. This is not probable and for you to believe it is well you can’t argue with a sick mind. The second reason people say what they do is determined by past experiences concerning things they have heard or seen. As with information what they have seen or heard may be full of misinformation.


What is so hard about taking that duflinky and placing a new thingamajig in that space that is open? It looks easy and you know what? It is easy to due to the education and experience you have garnered over the years. Why get angry over a truth? What you must do is educate your customer utilizing terminology that he or she understands. Take the time to comprehend where they are coming from and you will uncover a positive way to influence an old thought and develop a new way of thinking.


Tomorrow decide to make a list of things to do and the very first item on that list is to learn to ask the customer why they believe the way they do. Then be prepared to give information to train the customer and influence a new way of through. Frequently the response is a defensive posture that gained momentum out of our lack of confidence and ability to accept that a person may have a different opinion. Immediately it is to try to defend and convince that person their thinking is wrong. It is much easier to influence a new decision than it is to convince someone they are wrong. It is virtually impossible to convince a person against their will and change their opinion.


Frustration and impatience leads a person to do things they normally would not do. Add to this the day’s events and at times it can feel as if you are falling down. Have a belief that you are better for what you have gone through. As the experience you have for your profession add another experience and that is the experience and emotional intelligence to deal with surprises that your customers throw your way. Exchange the grumbling for a twinkle in the eye and a smile while saying I am glad that you think that way of my ability to work efficiently and effortlessly.  My aim is to gain your confidence with my ability to satisfy you with my workmanship in a timely fashion. One man’s drink is another man’s thirst. Try to make the customer thirst for your solution and that solution is you.


There are a million different ways to handle customer statements. The customer does not make you angry that is your choice and a choice you made to get angry. Anger leads to frustration that leads to negative thoughts which leads to words said in haste that can lead to a road of disaster and destruction that leads to confrontation. Take the boring way out and turn it to the positive where there is no debate. The best thing is you feel good after the positive exchange verses the angry exchange where no one is happy. Angry exchanges are like the blame game and no one wins who plays.


It is time to stop taking for granted your customers only want to take advantage of you. The customer is not trying to reach into your wallet. If you have a history of giving discounts you have set customer expectations. Your past has shown that you will give up your hard earned profits if asked. If you are receiving crazy and mixed up statements from your customers there is a reason. That reason is you and the way you do business. Instead of getting angry with your customers take a long hard look at what you are doing, what you are saying, and start providing a different expectation from your customers.


It is your responsibility to shape and mold your company’s perception. There is no doubt you are the director of the perception and image. It not only is your responsibility it is your duty. Whether you like it or not you control how your customers react to you. We spend so much time polishing the outside of the cup where everyone thinks it looks unblemished. Now it is time to start polishing the inside of the cup to match the outside. It is time to spend more time inside the cup mastering the feeling of alright.


The way you act impacts your company’s philosophy which impacts your company’s standards which impacts client expectations which impacts your expectation of your client which impacts client satisfaction  which impacts your profitability.




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