Chapter 9: Presenting the Solution


Chapter 9:  Presenting the Solution


As always there is no such thing as the magic pill that creates a positive sale each and every time you attempt a sale. However there are some best practices that will enhance your ability to increase your opportunities. There is a saying that we must watch our thoughts as they become our words. Watch your words as they become your action.


Speaking with other trade professional’s our conversations will evolve into our favorite customer. Predictably a question pops up and that question is what your favorite customer is. Then it is followed with a description of their perfect customer. Without a doubt there are commonalities with everyone’s favorite customer. The customer is easy.


Other similarities are; the customer has given personal information. This information given allows the customer to be comfortable around you due to having this thing called likability. The customer truly likes you and you truly like the customer. The conversation was all about sharing information about them and you. The conversation flowed and a long time seemed so short. It is a give and take relationship that has meaning.


Now remember those interactions and visualize how you can take that experience and apply it to your presentation skills. Remembering the conversation, each sentence of your interaction had something to do with whatever was stated before it was spoken. Every sentence and word had parallel meanings. Doesn’t it make sense to have the same thought process when describing your solution to the customer?


How can you tie the customer’s reasons to want to own and want to do business with you into the conversation? Now compare this to the absolute worst decision that can be and could be made and that is the decision to do nothing. Sometimes the person trying to sell will give the customer 2 decisions to make and those 2 are; do 1 thing or choose to do nothing. When there are only these 2 choices to choose from the other choice is also your choice and not the customer’s choice. It will be a worse and worst choice in the mind of the customer. It is a solution that you believe is the right choice for the customer. Would you allow another person to make choices for you?


We as buyers want information so that we may make the best possible choice. You want information that is what you consider useful to you. If I start giving you information that does not and will not answer your hidden questions that information is worthless and will not help you confirm in your mind that you need this product or service. Think of this as a movie and the customer is the star of the movie. The lines in the movie revolve around the star and not the character actor or actress. When the customer is center and is important to you there are no things hidden and the information given will resonate with the customer.


This is defined as aligning the customer’s reasons to buy as the focal point of your presentation. Forget the features and benefits of the product and service at this time. You want to align the sale to the value the customer holds as true and truthful.


Why would the customer want to replace a round front toilet for an elongated high profile toilet? Bob the extra height will allow you to get up from the toilet with less effort and pain due to the leverage you gain. Conversely Bob it will be less of an effort to get down. It has very little to do with the fact that the new toilet will save money due to using less water. It has very little to do with the toilet being broken.


This is controlled by how well you listen. What did you hear? What did you think you heard? Was the meaning clear to you? I can guarantee that many have misinterpreted the customer’s meaning. Always confirm the things you hear.


Some customers like warranties. You know this because the customer has made that statement. Why not say Bob remember this will have an extended warranty when you purchase or invest in the value plan. Bob decided to buy the higher toilet due to the ease of the toilet and the warranty. None of those are my reasons to buy the toilet. Having a larger trap creating more force for a better flush, it is newer and modern. The toilet uses less water to save money is also my reason. However they do not align with the customer reasons and that translates into what good is that information?


After the customer decides to own the product my reasons will become facts and an answer to the logical reasons to buy. The fact of the matter is most purchases are decided by emotional reasons backed up by logical reasons. Very rarely is that order reversed. Remember people make a choice based on emotion and then to convince others they must use logic. The lesson here is to forget your reasons the customer should buy, they are not important.


Presenting additional tasks to the customer demand the use of the same strategy. Why would it be different? The same buying decisions are weighed and measured by the customer. Choices are made and determined by their own reasons. Mine are unimportant. That faucet that is working tough is sold due to working easier because their hands hurt not because it is broken. People do not like to admit that they can no longer do the things they used to be able to do. The faucet is too tough to use they will use a different faucet then admit that they can no longer work it. I must facilitate the ease of the faucet. I cannot point out that they no longer can use the faucet because it is malfunctioning. It reminds them that they cannot do what they once could. My words are I can make this work with a finger would you like that? A really good practice is to show the customer a faucet that they can use that best fits their ability. A person with arthritis may want a loop handle to cup their hand through the loop to lift up to turn on and off.


Once again we must align the customer’s reason to own with your solution that best fits their ability to own. It is not your decision to make. It is your responsibility to give your customer enough information to make the right choice. Why settle for a 30% effort, 60% effort it is a must to give 100% to your customers.


Decide today to start today giving your customer the ability to own for their reason and not yours. Make it an enjoyable ownership exchange that is awesome in the eyes of the buyer. It is time influence verse convince, manipulate against their will. Understand what you hear and present it to your customer with what you have heard. You have incredible potential with every opportunity for your customer and you. It is up to you whether this potential is realized.


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