Expand YOUR Ability to Communicate



Expand YOUR Ability to Communicate


In the construction service industry the way of conducting business has changed drastically in the last decade. The old way of communicating was to tell the customer what is wrong and this is what you must do in order to fix the problem. This straight forward approach in its day was effective however the way people buy has changed and they no longer want it your way they want it their way. This is understandable since the customer is spending their money on a solution that they want and need. It is a reasonable assumption the manner that we communicate would also evolve during this time.


How do you evolve as a service industry technician? Where do you start? What exactly is the area you should concentrate your efforts to become better at what you do? What are the steps that you need to take in order to learn something new? How do I prevent a step backwards into what I have always done in the past?


When it is tough to find inspiration and motivation sometimes a person will look outward and try to find inspiration and motivation from outside sources. Frequently we are told to get better at what you do. Discovering methods to advance your ability can be quite frustrating at times especially when there are no suggestions from others where to start and experimentation seems the only avenue. It becomes trial and error finding something that may work and does work. More often than not there are countless discoveries of techniques that have crashed and burned without reason or rhyme. A good practice and starting point is too read and do more reading and not to limit the reading to the immediate profession. Read books concerning sales, management and marketing.


Another discovery made will encounter the diverse modes that people learn. It can become quite dizzying trying to find a way for improvement to enter anyone’s process. What works for one may not work for the next person. The person is left to realize what will work for them. Some people learn by reading, others by doing the certain task. Still others learn with verbal communication. Quite often people learn by observation. Many more learn by combining the some or all of the above. It is essential that you determine the best and most efficient approach that will enhance how you learn.


Here is a list of skills that are crucial with communication and holding a conversation that engages and paints a solid picture of ownership. These are skills that are required to perform at a high level within a sales process. This way increases;


  • vocabulary
  • creativity
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • story telling
  • building rapport
  • improving  self-image
  • goal setting
  • improvement with answering objections, concerns and questions from clients
  • Improving the presentation
  • Improving questions to the client
  • Communication with others
  • Organization skills
  • Memorization skills




Writing a journal is a highly effective way to improve many of the ingredients that provide a successful sales process. The journal will have three different steps in order to gain the improvements necessary for you to grow. Two of the three will consist of general thoughts and information. The third step will contain the finished product that is grammatically correct and an area to gain insight into the improvements that are desirable with that individual sale. This is the place to insert what could have been done better with the conversation and sale.


Quite a few excuses are given for reasons not to accomplish journal writing. I do not like to write. I do not have the time. I am not smart enough. I am not creative enough. I do not know what to write. I am a horrible speller. I have not been in school for years. I have routines that I follow. I do not need this. None of the reasons above are good enough reasons not to do the journals. The journal will improve all of the above with time and effort. Any and all excuses that can be made resulting in non-action with starting and staying with writing a journal can be used in the journal for improving that certain skill.


One item that is required to start with is a notebook or daily planner. This will contain general information describing the sales opportunity. This text will be done in outline form that gives the client’s name, address, and contact number. Next item to put in paper is the definition of the tasks you were called to take care of and any client information or history that is possible.


Upon the completion of the sales opportunity write down the questions the client asked, any objections that occurred during the presentation and concerns that they had. Write down your replies to those questions, concerns, and objections. This is the time to write down the customer’s actions and reactions to what was stated by you. Do this with successful and failed sales opportunities.

Take time to write down your ideas where the opportunity could have been improved. Write down better questions that you the sales professional could have asked during the opportunity. The idea is to discover a different way to propose your solution to the customer. How could you have painted a different picture of ownership that would capture the customer’s interests and influenced them into a better decision or choice?


When time permits during that same day using the daily planner start writing each opportunity in a short story format. At this point grammar, coherency, and cohesiveness is unimportant. What is important is the description of the opportunity and where improvements come to mind.


Once this is completed it is time to review and change the format to a concise and coherent format. Where each sentence flows and anyone who reads the journal can understand. This is where the journal is transformed into educational information that is used by you to improve the sales process and increase your professional or personal growth. Using this format the writer can apply the principles necessary to find growth and improvement with any issue or concern. It can be used to reach goals, become a better person, and develop stronger relationships.


The third and final stage is the completed review using the thesaurus to increase your vocabulary. Using the thesaurus allows the writer to use more descriptive prose and make it more interesting. Improving vocabulary gives that person the ability to converse with others using expressions that engage instead of turn off clients, friends, and family.


It is during the final stage of this format that grammar, complete sentences and coherent thoughts come together. Fragmented sentences become a thing of the past. Developing improvements with your speaking that will enhance your communication skills that are required to convey messages with those you are trying to guide and influence. Having the ability to use one word that paints a stunning picture that the client visualizes and accepts will increase the percentage of successful opportunities within the sales process.


Many sales opportunities are lost due to the inability to communicate effectively with clients. Improper grammar while using words that are not words can damage the presentation beyond repair resulting with a resounding no from the client. Incorrect pronunciation of words can force the client to act with apprehension and doubt about the sales person’s ability to complete the transaction. Spelling incorrectly and using the wrong word does change the definition and alters the terms. Choose you words wisely.


There is a quote from anonymous; “Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Choose your words, for they become actions. Understand your actions, for they become habits. Study your habits, for they will become your character. Develop your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

 Start today to reshape your destiny.





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