Set the Tone of your Service Call


Set the Tone of your Service Call

What constitutes a good customer? What boundaries are set for a bad customer? What separates the two from one another? Who gets to set the tone the customer or the sales person? Is the sale made or is it found? Do you suppose a customer states that was a lousy sales person when the sales person states that is a horrible customer? Is it possible the sales person believes the customer is a cheap son of a gun and the customer believes the sales person is way over the top? Ever wonder who is right and who is wrong? Ever wonder who the real tire kicker is or time waster?

Visiting construction trade internet sites it is amazing how frequent the tradespeople believe it is the fault of the customer that a sale will travel south. A person must realize that professional trade internet sites tend to be a venting place to let out frustration however it is amazing just how many terrible consumers are out there ready to ambush the hard working contractor. I do not believe the consumer is out to get the contractor as true and write it sarcastically.

It is your duty as a company to set customer expectations, you’re marketing sets the branding. The marketing sets in motion the strategy that is best suited to accomplish this feat. Watch how you brand your company especially on the World Wide Web. Quality work at a fair price suggests that great service and workmanship is cheap. When you advertise that you are fair on price you suggest to the consumer they can negotiate your price. No overtime charges inform the customer that you are available day or night to do minor repairs that are not emergencies. You won’t be beat on price suggest that you are cheap and again the consumer can negotiate the price.

Use compelling engaging verbiage on your web page that entices the consumer to call you. Post a video of certain aspects of your service call and set the client expectation. The copywriting on your web page should draw consumers to the page and the content then should set standards and expectations. Once the consumer gets to your web page the hot spots will require emotion driven concepts. These are drivers before you see a consumer to turn them into a customer and then transform them into your clients.

The arrival stage is the sales step where the majority of fatalities occur. The construction service industry shoots them in the foot right here and sets the tone for the service call. The fatal blow is made without a warning shot and is self- inflicted. It is the greeting and the hurry to get to the problem. The

greeting is superficial small talk that informs the customer they are just a number. Hi I’m so and so from ABC Company how you are, customer says something that is disregarded by the service person. I understand you have such and such not working, let me look at it. Bang the company and the service person is more important than the customer.

Take the foot off the gas and back that truck up. It is at the greeting that you gather information about the customer. Take your time, ask what is going on? Allow the customer to tell you anything and everything they wish to discuss. Open up the dialogue for a conversation. You do not need to see the task before you gather information. What you must know before you see anything is why the customer called you. What is driving the customer to take care of it today? How long has this been going on, has it happened before and if so what did you do? By the way how do you like your product or how do you feel about the product you have now? What would you like to accomplish today? Traditionally this is commonly referred to as small talk and it is essential to build credibility, rapport that constructs a fast track to mutual trust and respect.

Start to take your time with this critical phase that determines the outcome of your scheduled appointment with your customer and turn them into a client right here. This is where you set the tempo with the client. Your client can now take measure of your ability to communicate and express ideas that are important to them. It is at this interval the client decides to use you and your solution. This is the time where the client decides if he or she will have reluctance or outright object to your proposal. This is the moment the customer becomes a lousy customer or you stumbled back into the role of a lousy sales person. This is the point it becomes a price only presentation or a well-planned well thought out presentation that answers the clients questions and concerns. This is where the client knows you either understood or you completely turned and tuned them out.

What will you do? What will you be? Will you be the hero or the bum? Will you allow your customer to be a great cheerleader for you and your company or will you burn out in a blaze of destruction. Decide to start today to give your customer more to think about then a price. You are way more than a price, you are a valuable asset to your client.


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