JUST IN: It is NOT the Price


JUST IN: It is NOT the Price


Today my BNI chapter had its regularly scheduled weekly meeting however today was a special day for me. I was to deliver the 10 minute presentation that explains our company.  The ten minute presentation is given by every member. Each has the opportunity to talk to everyone in the chapter about their company and what they bestow to customers. I thought long and hard about the presentation and what I wanted to accomplish. Ideas ran rampant through my mind. Every time I had an idea another one ran past making the old idea obsolete.  I did a test drive Saturday for my proposed presentation in my home office.


I have taken classes with giving better presentations and have given quite a few presentations in the past. I have had Toastmasters training and felt confident and comfortable with my plan. Monday passed with little thought to a change. Monday night while I lay in bed I had an epiphany and could not sleep as the idea raced through my head dancing like fireflies on a hot summer night.


I wanted to try something different. In my mind It was a risk to take however a risk worth taking as it proved to me what customers are searching for from a service provider. It was a learning experience for the members however it was more of a learning experience for me. It was a reminder to me why I do what I do and the satisfaction I take away from my way of life. This makes what I do stimulating, exhilarating, and fun.


Prior to the start of the meeting during the course of our networking time I asked each member what they expected from a service provider that visits their home. I have a unchangeable belief that a person will accept as true what they say before they will believe what another person states. I wanted their accepted wisdom and then to align their views with what we do for every client. There are many items that will be stated more than 1 time and I thought it would be beneficial and advantageous to write each point as many times as they appeared. Here is the list that I received from my chapter members.

Good Value

Be on time, if late be sure to inform

Wait to be invited into the home

Park in a positive position and not in the way

On time

Clean shoes


Timeliness completing the work quickly

Upfront in disclosing the fee


Explain the problem

Good communication skills

Customer service

Make it right the first time


Expert in their field

Complete the job on time

Stand behind their work


On time






Job Knowledge


This is an incredible list made by remarkable and astute people that have service providers in their home. I am 100% certain that people base decisions on past experiences and this list is comprised of past experiences both good and bad that each of them have experienced. I am sure most people embrace these concepts as true.


There is one conspicuous thing that is absent and omitted from this list. The element that is missing should jump out at you as it is the rationale and justification most sales people believe they lose a sale. It is an item that many sales people fear and run away from every chance he or she can. However it is not a prominent priority to a buyer.


That one item unaccounted for is PRICE. There is no mention to how much something will cost. What the customer expects is knowledge and the ability to communicate. This means the service provider must have the ability to express ideas that paint a picture. This picture must explain why the failure of a product occurred and how to take care of that issue.


The customer has things to do and the company must respect their time. Arriving on time and having the ability to take care of the issue in a timely fashion. This will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you are the expert. This should also dispute the notion that the customer believes time equals value. The longer you take taking care of the issue will not and does not equate to value. The customer will not punish you for being the expert and taking a little time to make the repair or replacement out of their day.


Professionalism takes care of quite a few items such as courteous, communication caring about the customer property. It will cover your appearance, neatness, and pleasant. When you enjoy what you are doing it shows and the customer can see that you can be trusted and respected. When trust and respect is earned the customer will know you are honest and in all likelihood will stand behind your work and word. The all-important service after the sale take pride that you do stand behind your work and customer satisfaction is a must.


All of this equals value. The customer wants and deserves true value that is valuable to him or her. Allow your actions to become the measurement the customer uses to refer you.









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