If you could not Fail: What would you do?


If you could not Fail: What would you do?



What is in the DNA that turns ordinary people into extraordinary people? What is in the DNA structure turning some people into fantastic leaders and others born to follow? How does the neighbor person down the road decide to take action and suddenly become a hero? What drives a person to react in astonishing fashion?


How is the brain structured that allows a person to make a snap decision and it is the correct choice whereas others must research and mull over the details to make the same decision? What factors determine who can lead and who should not lead? Can you prepare to be a leader or is it an unexplained occurrence?


Are you a trailblazer or a nameless face? Are you a path finder or dream catcher? Can a little push turn an ordinary person into a leader? Why do some people need crisis and drama in order to lead and when peace and tranquility exists they cannot lead?


I believe all people have the DNA or makeup to be a leader. The thought that no one holds you back but yourself rings true. It is determined by your will and the ability to come back after setbacks. To reach deep inside you and take that one extra step. My father told me many years ago the difference between success and failure is one more try.  Having the will to get back up and dust you off and not fear falling down one more time to succeed will build character.


In every person there is a little Lewis and Clark ready to explore the unknown. Discovering unchartered ground that allows you to take one step and then to take that ever important second step leaving the old spot that held you firmly in place. For many years people have taught that the first step is the most important step. I believe that the second step is the most important step. You leave the spot that you are familiar with and most comfortable to move forward and no longer have a foothold on the past position.


This is where many doors instantly open for you. The truly important door is your door that escorts you to a new and expanded comfort zone. You merely have to know where to start in order to make progress to induce change and evolve. Where do you start? Ask yourself this question; if you could not fail what would you do?


A vision must be created immediately. The subsequent step is to add an action to that vision. The third step is to construct and fabricate a purpose. It is now time to do the things that you were designed to do. The majority of people have always had others design their place and purpose. When we allow others to design your purpose it will be in their interests and not in your best interest. It is time to take control and fulfill your  design and purpose.


Frequently in life we chase the things that do not matter. It is time to leave those things that do not matter and to start chasing the things that do matter in your life. Do not be distracted from your purpose as distraction enters then defeat is certainly around the corner. Attack and conquer the things that matter. Be a leader to yourself and others may follow your lead. Make a decision today to leave everything behind including old ways and entertain new ideas that lead to progressive thought.


Get up from where you are to go to a different place. It is time to leave Point A to get to Point B and start to have more control over the luck that will come your way. You make your own luck, with your preparation. It is time to stop following the crowd that refuses to evolve and grow and start a revival towards where you want to be. Do not allow others to stop you from getting where you want and need to go. Frequently outside forces are stopping you from reaching your potential.


Are you fulfilling your design or walking through the motions? What are you waiting for the next best thing is sitting on the horizon and all you have to do is reach out and grab it. Do you have explosive joyfulness or are you making do. Are you happy? Make a decision today to start following your design. It is time to start influencing others to reach their design and lead them to the water to quench their thirst for success. Build bridges for you and others to cross over roadblocks that stop your evolution into the person you will be.


Will you lead? Will you be the leader? The decision and choice is yours. Wherever you go there you are.




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