Be more then you can be


Be more then you can be

As plumbers, electricians, HVAC, appliance repair and other construction service industry tradespeople, we see a multitude of people on a daily basis. Our main goal has always been to satisfy the immediate goal of fixing a problem. This problem is the reason why the customer called in the first place. Stop right here. We have thought of ourselves for to long as just being the specialized repairperson closing our eyes to our real purpose. It is time for a revolution to the changing of the industries attitude.

We now must wear many hats during the day .We are a counselor, friend, psychologist, banker and many more. Sometimes allowing some clients to cry on our shoulder as their world is falling apart.

With today’s economic climate it is essential and necessary that we wear one additional hat, the hat of a salesperson. This hat combines all of the other hats into one precise package. A salesperson will be ethical, show empathy, and provide solutions, honest, trustworthiness. A salesperson will make available the best possible solution to the client. When the opposite occurs, they are not a salesperson but a criminal.

Your job becomes more; you no longer can leave repairing just the one immediate problem. You now must be concerned for your client. Eliminate future service calls that may happen within a short period and limit the number of visits since your last visit. It is our duty to try to eliminate premature failures and inform the customer with important knowledge to prevent the failures from reoccurring.

One day while doing a ride along for the day a technician kept asking

me why I did this. Then he would ask why you said that to the client. I was happy they wanted to learn. What better way to learn then hands on and into the belly of the beast? This day was eye opening for him. Here is what happened during the service call.

We went to a client’s home to repair a lavatory faucet. We did our greeting. We gathered information concerning the customer and the issue at hand. I could not help notice the man walked with a limp. On our way to the bathroom to look at the faucet, we found out why he was limping. He recently had surgery and we discovered who the surgeon that did the knee surgery was. We found out how long ago the surgery happened. During the discovery period we were informed the surgery was a life altering and will affect him for the rest of his life.

While looking at the faucet, saying I can take care of that. I asked about the plunger by the water closet. Our client began speaking of the many times he has had to plunge this water closet since the surgery. His voice informed us clearly that he was fed up and tired. Knowing and understanding the medication was the primary cause of the diet problems creating unusually large amounts of fecal material and understanding the medication will be taken for the rest of his life. This situation will increase the likelihood that more stoppages will happen in the future and the need for the plunger will increase. By asking the right questions we found out several medications that he would have to take for the rest of his life.

This led me to ask; how he felt about his on going difficulties with this particular water closet. You can imagine his responses, all negative on the existing water closet. His tone of voice expressed his displeasure.

Working on the paperwork that will guide our presentation it was natural

for us to price up the faucet repair and ADA comfort height water closet for his master bath and then a standard water closet for the guest bathroom. Both toilets were the same and gave him the same service and that service was horrible. The ownership exchange was never in doubt. The sale instantly enhanced, as we were concerned for the ease of life for the client. I was concerned with making his life more convenient for him. The ease of life did not just stand alone with fewer stoppages, the higher water closet made it easier for him to get up and off it. He was now a proud owner of beautiful new fixtures that will not give him a problem for a long time.

It is time to put your experience and skill to work for you and discover a sensible solution for your client that will make all parties involved more than satisfied. Address their living condition, then concern yourself with helping a person, and doing what is best for your client that is rewarding to all involved. I hope you can see by just fixing the faucet we would have left the client in a losing situation. We would have left the customer with a need and possibly a very embarrassing situation when he entertained guests. With a few simple questions we were able to take care of a serious issue he was facing alone.

When you are more than what you can be, the client’s issues become the focus. Servicing the client’s needs wants and desires will be the goal. You will have developed a long-term relationship with the client. A relationship built with you being more then you could be.


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