Will You Lead or Will You Follow


Will You Lead or Will You Follow


The Olympics have come and gone. Every athlete that participated in the Olympics has spent years training. These athletes have special training specifically designed for their event. The specific training is intended to boost their ability in a sport. At times to the normal person the training could appear severe and stringent. However if your goal or purpose was the same you could understand why challenging and demanding training is a must.


There is a necessity to adhere to the strict training routine in order to ensure the training pays off. The training must be specialized in order to attain the goal. To learn to run faster you would not engage with training to be a lumber jack. The training must align with the event and can be tied to the goal of winning that event.


What is it that you want to accomplish? The main goal of any business is to make a profit and increase profitability. There are many ways to increase profits and that is a topic all of its own. During a slow or bad economic climate worries can easily flip flop between personal and the professional live. These worries can turn into fears that appear to guide your actions concerning decisions and direction of your company.


Frequently these misplaced fears give a false sense of security. What the fears accomplish is holding you backed from success. The fear creates a sense of failure and losing control while feeling despair. These fears become a distraction and keep you from realizing your goal or purpose. Do not let this fear prevent your future from happening now. Face that fear head on with a burning enthusiasm to defeat the fear. This is the perfect time to experiment and have an all in attitude with changing direction of your company with sales goals.


There are many reasons to support the all in attitude; one reason is to embrace the change in direction. This is a perfect economic climate to create change in a different direction to gain different results. It is the time to learn, grow, and become stronger than you were. Improve and strengthen your delivery and presentation skills.


Remember the things you did, produced the same results that did not have you reaching your goals. They may have worked in the past now they are not working out so well. Just because something was done for many years does not make it the right thing to have done or keep doing. The reason you are thinking about something different is a direct result of things not working quite as well as you thought it should. The old way is failing to deliver satisfactory results and something must give as you are tired of hitting a brick wall.


By taking an all in attitude today you will have time to perfect a new system before the economic climate starts to turn positive. Even better you will start to improve your new economic climate and it will start a positive climb out of the red and into the black. You can now enjoy immense success in an upswing economy you created verses limping through another good economy like the last one that has placed you in the position you are now facing.


It is funny that we consider a doctor to have a practice. A doctor is always learning new things that happen in the field of medicine.  Surgeries that used to take years to rehabilitate take weeks or months. However in the construction trades it is common to refuse to call it a practice. Even though there are new products introduced all the time along with different ways to install or repair. We should view the construction service trades as a practice due to the new changes happening all the time.


Every day   you should be working on or practicing on your performance. Be it professionally or with sales efforts. There are products out there that you have never seen and you must become the expert in a short period of time with those products. In order to master the products and service you must practice in order for the band to play on.


When you utilize sales with your service each customer is different. You must learn how to communicate with each  person, you must learn to listen hear the real intent, and you must discover who and what your customer is  about before you can help them discover wants and needs.


What will motivate you to take action today? Will you be the first at the party or the last one that missed the party and end of the line? What will inspire you to run thru a brick wall? What 1 thing will drive your will to reach higher than you thought? What risks are you willing to take to get to a different point?


There are 4 things required of you;

  1. Get started
  2. Make your way (plan)
  3. Be ready to show your customers what you are willing to do
  4. Teach your customers, give information freely to your customers


Have conviction with courage and watch yourself accomplish amazing feats. Face your fears and overcome those fears while turning the fears into your strengths. Discover the right training that will re-enforce your goals and purpose.  Commit to the change and forget the things you did in the past. It is called the past for a reason. Evolve and live a life that  was meant for you.





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  1. Good blog post, nice efforts. It couldn’t appear to have been penned any better. Reading this article piece of writing reminds me about my old boss! He usually kept babbling about this. I will email this post to him. Pretty confident he will probably have a high-quality read. Appreciate your posting!

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