Is it Customer Indecision or Sales Errors?

Is it Customer Indecision or Sales Errors?

Discussions with other trade construction service people have provided some great insight to what is currently developing with customers. Apparently consumers are having a difficult time making decisions to use specific companies and requiring time to think about making a choice. There is some difficulty with understanding why this phenomenon is occurring at this time with many in the construction service trades.

Frequently what is articulated is the customer has to think it over, talk to their spouse, or they cannot afford whatever is being sought. Still a favorite reason for contractors is the customer is a cheap son of a gun. Somehow home centers are taking center stage as a culprit and the kiss of death for the trades as a do it yourself center. Giving home owners classes on basic repairs and replacements has not affected a large enough group of customers. There have been people who will do their own work during any and all time periods. Some things the contractors are hearing they have not heard much of in the past and that is; this is more than I thought it would be and it costs too much. Stop accepting failure as proof positive the customer is to blame. Any who play the blame game loses.

A question was raised and that is why are your customers uttered those reasons as true or real? It or they must be true because the consumer made the statement and declared it as true. One reason the service industry  technicians believe the statement is true is the belief the  consumer does not have expendable money in their household. Why else would a consumer say they cannot afford whatever it is if they could afford to buy.

Another question is raised and that is; did you ask the customer why they believed it costs too much, why they must think about it, why it is more than they thought? An overwhelmingly number of contractors said no.

What are these contractors basing their reality on when the facts are not represented? Without asking the customer why they chose not to move forward today everything is speculation. Of course you can choose to look at the negative aspect of a failed ownership exchange as placing blame on the poor consumer. Isn’t that giving too much power to the consumer?

A look at some basic facts will reveal the true circumstances that lead to the failed sale and flawed choice reached by the customer. The first mistake made by the contractor; the customer called you to fix the problem. This alone defeats the premise the customer does not have the money and cannot afford to make the right choice. Next fact the customer let the contractor into their home. This gives you the customer intent they wanted to choose you to take care of their problem.

The next fact is very important and the most important area and that is where the customer was lost. The customer decided to listen to your offer. Your offer did not engage the customer. The offer was not enough and did not outweigh the money you asked him or her to spend. You put your customer  to sleep and lost the moment.

Some people wait for that one moment of a lifetime. Do not let this moment pass you by. Decide today to take advantage and grab hold of that moment of a lifetime that will change the way you think. This in turn will change the way that you understand and perceive your customer. The  results will be different than you have experienced in the past. Listen to your silent screams that beckon you to grab hold of your moment in time.

This incredible moment in time is nothing beyond simple and ironic all in one. It is a basic skill that we all possess however rarely is this skill tapped in the way it is intended to be enjoyed and made use of. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the people that surround you. It encompasses the beauty of driving the mountains during the fall seasons with the diverse shades of color from the cascading skies and trees.

This simple moment in time cries loud for you to listen to the words spoken by others. Listening by itself is easy however understanding what is meant is the difficult part. Without clarity misconception slithers in and reveals a misunderstanding that leads those who follow to a different path. A discovery is made that destroys wills and hides the skills that you possess and distracts you from your purpose. When you are distracted you are defeated.

Listening to the words and then receiving confirmation of the definition of those words will change your reality and then transform and shift your results. Just by listening you can increase your ability to give your customer what they need and want. Listening will give you the ability to present solutions with limited   resistance, reluctance and concerns as you will give your customers the right reasons to make the correct choice.

When a construction service technician gains clarity concerning the customers spoken words the reasoning to buy also becomes clear. Once you align the customer’s reasons to purchase with your product and service you have now enhanced the possibility of gaining a progression of consent leading to a natural conclusion to use you for your price. The real issue to fix with your sales efforts is discontinuing selling for your reasons; this impedes and prohibits the number of successful sales. Your reasons really hold very little meaning to the customer.

Stop guessing what went wrong and start understanding what went right. Your customer will inform you what they want and why they want what it is you have to give. Get rid of the negative assumptions and give way to positive results simply by modifying the way you listen. Grab the moment of a lifetime today and transform the future by increasing your ability to understand what the customer has said and means.


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