Trip to Ohio

Trip to Ohio

Recently I had to make a trip to the north. While there I decided to scope out different plumbing companies. Many companies are losing work to the unqualified and unlicensed handymen or people that should not legally install the plumbing materials. I asked owners and plumbers what was preventing them from success with customers.

Here are some replies:

1. The successful companies are raping the customer which implies that there is such a s thing as overcharging.

2. Customers want a cheap fix

3. Customers do not want to spend money

4. Customers no longer have expendable money

5. Customers know how much they really want to spend

6. Customers do not want to be sold

7. Home centers are stealing our work

8. Unlicensed unqualified people are doing the work cheaper

9. It is the demographics

10. It is what the market can bear

11. I do not need a plumber

12. I do not need this now

13. You’re too expensive

14. You are overqualified

15. Customer always receives multiple bids

16. it is the economy stupid

When asked if they would like help to overcome these obstacles and reluctance to move forward each had similar responses. The majority of the owners and plumbers have made up their mind that sales should never enter a plumber / customer relationship. What is worse is they have this bizarre belief that they do not need sales help. They believe it is a code and license issue and the government should step in and rid the industry of illegal workers.

I asked another question and it was; what are some of the things that a customer will say to you when the customer asks for a price. Their replies are the same replies that every person receives from time to time. These are; I have to think about it I have to talk to my husband, the price is too high, and it is more than I thought. These are replies that are given across the nation. Nothing less nothing more than any other region it is not demographics. People are people and have the same questions and concerns as any other person living in any other area.

One shop owner I knew his father 40 years ago and knew him for almost as long. We were talking and he asked me how I thought I would do living in this region. I was not being cocky however I did say I would make a ton of money. Every home I visited had round front toilets in them and a good majority of businesses also had them installed in their bathrooms. I assured him that I would sell an elongated water closet in every home that had at least 1 male in the home. He laughed and agreed with me BUT he also said it could not be done. I asked why? See all the excuses above; the difference is I do not accept those as valid reasons.

Right then a customer walked into his shop. He told me that this customer purchased a couple of ADA toilets. I asked Pete why Joe bought the toilets; the response was he wanted them. I replied why did he want them and he said he did not know. I said watch this and once the customer came into the shop I asked a simple question. Joe hi, Pete told me you purchased 2 elongated comfort height toilets. Is that right? Joe replied yes. Could you tell me why you purchased the toilets? Yep I wanted them. Why did you want those toilets? Next came a barrage of reasons why he wanted the toilets. I told Pete to write them down as these are the reasons you want to inform the next customer when you discuss toilets.

The reason these plumbers are having great difficulty with selling the original task or gaining additional tasks, they are shooting blanks from their guns. They walk into a customer’s home with guns blazing yet they have nothing to fire at the customer to inference a buying decision. There is no discovery of why the customer wants what they want. A customer will have an idea of what they think they want most of the time. Our duty is to give information that can help the customer make the best decision and choice possible for him or her. We are the professional and we should freely pass information to the customer that will enhance their lifestyle.

The next few blogs will pass information to you that will increase your ability to give the customer what they should have verses what you think he or she wants. Perhaps this will help you remove the misconceptions that plagued your mind and have kept you from seeing the possibilities that lay in front of you on a daily basis. Give your customer a different experience and increase your potential earnings.

Quit being a dreamer and a shooting star. It is time to become firmly  planted in a progressive way to help your customers. Do not be just another number to your customer make sure  that you are the 411 for the 911 call to take care of the problem the customer has and separate you from all the others that are  the pretenders.


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