Customers do not want to be sold; Home centers are stealing our work


Customers do not want to be sold; Home centers are stealing our work


One overrated and overused cliché that is absolutely 100% false is: customers do not want to be sold. When I hear this gobbledygook spewed I want to inquire if the sales person is uncomfortable, ashamed, and self-conscious by what they do for a living.


In a nut shell people do not like a bad job when they are sold. People do not want a crummy sales person selling to him or her. People do not want a sales person who does not understand them and therefore cannot deliver the goods to him or her. It isn’t that people do not want sold they want a suitable person to sell to him or her and give sufficient information. This information then allows the customer to make the right choice.


It is time to start delivering the necessities of the sale. It is time to develop listening skills and hear the exact meaning of a customer’s word or words when they are describing their issue and want or need. It is the right time for the sales person to stop selling on their own needs, wants, and or reasons and to give the customer what they perceive to be the right solution.


Frankly the customer is sick and tired of being sick and tired of sales people pressuring the sale, repeating the same thing over and over as if the customer does not understand the solution. When a customer does not understand the solution the customer does not want to you to start at the beginning rehashing the same words and point of view. It is time to use a different strategy and attempt communicating with words that paint a true picture of ownership that is enjoyable, pleasant and easy to accept.


Home centers stealing work. The first thing to consider is why are so many people running to home centers or outside sources? For too many years the plumber, electrician, HVAC service representatives have waltzed into a customer’s home and have told them this is what you are going to do. This is no longer agreeable to the home owner. It is amazing the sheer number of resources customers have to   receive information and products. Now is the time that the construction service trade professional must give more of themselves and the company in order to earn the work from potential customers.


Our present economic climate has made it improbable for the home owner to switch homes as fast and as easy. People are staying in their homes longer and this means they must address problems that require a more permanent solution and the solution must be more long term. Once the industry figures this out the customer may get what he or she wants. If it is not figured out the homeowner will take things into their own hands and purchase products that are inferior due to a lack of knowledge. This is knowledge that the professional tradesperson has however refuses to share with the home owner. The tradesperson is not being deceitful or spiteful it is merely a situation that the tradesperson does not understand what is required of him or her. The right training has not taken place that will give the tradesperson the ability to communicate the right choice or discover what that proper choice should become.


The construction trades will need to overcome past behaviors that somehow gave them this idea that they were the important piece to the puzzle. The notion that customers are ignorant or cheap due to buying their own products must stop and realize the reason is strictly due to the customer wanting more than they have received in the past. The customer has more choices right or wrong to do the work for him or her. This means you must clearly define what separates you from the ordinary average Joe that wants to take this type work from you.


Understanding why the customer purchases their own product will help you understand how you can improve this portion of your service. In order to do this you must ask your customer why they decided to purchase their own product. When the customer brings up price ask no really what is the real reason you decided to purchase this product? How long have you wanted a different look/product? Start offering your customer choices and become a trusted advisor to your client. When you sell your product ask your customer why he or she purchased from you. This now becomes reasons why more people buy from you to any and all customers.


Buy from me because I know what works may work once in a blue moon however it is not a very solid reason. It is subjective at best. The next fellow standing over there may say the same thing now what will you do? How do you learn what to say and what not to say? You ask your customers. Your customer will give you a wealth of information and all you have to do is ask. Why did you purchase this from me? Why did you decide to purchase from a home center. What do you like about this product verses this product? What would you like this product to do for you that it does not presently do for you? What do you expect from this product? Will longevity, performance, quality, and service have a place in your decision making?


You will soon start to realize that communication is the key. Communication includes listening, hearing the proper context, understanding the content and expressing ideas. Understanding customers do want to be sold to in an agreeable manor to him or her. The home centers are not stealing your work they are taking products from you that you have given up. Do not let the very low percentage of customers who are trying to save a buck sway you into false thinking and start to take care of your clients.


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