Misconception: Unlicensed and Unqualified people are Working Cheaper

Misconception: Unlicensed and Unqualified people are Working Cheaper


This is a pet peeve of mine and there are countless reasons this happens. The public needs educated to the pros and cons of having work completed by the professional verses the unqualified and unlicensed individuals. Too many professionals have this belief that educating the public should be entrusted to others. This is not a recent issue nor has it ever been a recent issue. As long as the professions have been around unqualified people have been doing the installation. What is different today?


It did not just become a problem today it has always been a problem. The problem is with the industry. The industry slowly started to give work away. The industry did not want to do the work and allowed it to slip through their fingers. They allowed other people to do the work. They allowed the unpleasant, insignificant, and trivial work to escape to others. Work that was not deemed important enough or not enough money in it for them to escape to others. Over time larger jobs started to slip towards people outside of the ibdustry.


Years past the industry could control and regulate the professionals that entered into the arena. They had their own testing and interpretations of the laws and would use that as a weapon to keep some from entering and out of the profession in their area. This now limited the number of professionals in an area.  This meant the home owner now had to search outside of the profession to get the job completed in a timely fashion. This lead to a large number of unqualified people working in the trades that learned on the job to do the installation or repair and receive payment. This payment was well below the real costs of the working professional. Please do not think for one second that I am condoning unqualified or unlicensed work.


Speak to professionals and you will hear stories of customers waiting over a month for a water line leak. One New York plumber was bragging about how a customer waited 6 weeks for a stopped up toilet to be cleared by him. I have similar stories from the 70’s and 80’s about customers waiting for work to be completed. Today people will not wait. Since most states now handle the licensing and testing the field has broadened and there are more licensed qualified professionals to do the work. However the damage was done and nothing was done to fix the damage already done to the industry.


Too many in the construction trade professions have this belief that it is someone else’s problem. Someone else must educate the consumer. Someone else must police the trade to make sure that the consumer is protected. It is your responsibility to educate the consumer. What are you doing to educate the consumer and your customer?


When a consumer calls a busy professional the customer is told too bad get someone else. When the home owner does find another person a professional tells the home owner you can’t use that person as he or she is unlicensed or unqualified. What is the home owner to do? Customer standards have been set.


Another huge problem is the professional cannot distinguish himself from the handyman or unqualified or unlicensed professional. There is no separation between the workers .They both have tools, they both wear jeans-shirts, and tennis shoes. They both show up in trucks. They have the same materials or at least they look the same. In some cases the information is the same and in other cases the knowledge is equal.


Amazingly the unprofessional has a leg up in the area of communication. The unprofessional and unlicensed typically takes the time to know the customer. They take time to talk and discover what it is the home owner wants. There are some idiots in the profession who will take this and try to make it out that the professional who does talk to their customer is allowing the customer to make the diagnoses and suggest repairs. This is far from the truth. It is obnoxious for a professional to think this way and is part of the problem that has caused this situation. It is time to communicate in terminology that the customer understands and will drive their wants.


The professional is forced to lower their standards and prices in order to compete with the unqualified and unlicensed professional. There can be as little as 50 dollars difference and the home owner will choose the unprofessional. Ever wonder why?


Will any of what is discussed here increase your ability to sell to all people? The answer is no however it will significantly increase your likelihood to sell the majority of customers. There are a very small percentage of people who buy solely on price. The low bidder wins with these folks. Think about it for little while do you really want that person as a client? Will this person pass your name to others due to a low price or for the quality of your workmanship and care? The time spent outweighs the money brought into the company and is a losing proposition for you and your company.


What will transpire when you increase awareness? Astonishing and mind-blowing results is all. There are a few minor adjustments that you must participate with in order to achieve these astounding results. Simple yet revolutionary and innovative change your appearance. Look professional and allow your customers to make the right choice immediately to listen to what you have to give. A customer will choose in a very short period of time to listen to you or to turn you off. It is called the first impression and you will see the difference in the look of their eyes instantly. Think of this; when you go out for the evening do you immediately look for the dirtiest person to sit with and start a conversation or do you look for what you perceive is a safe choice to sit next to and start a conversation? Choose to construct your brand perception as one the customer wants to be with and have in their home.


The next step is rather easy also and an easy transition with a little effort. Keep the conversation with your customer centered on your customer. When you focus on your customer you learn valuable information concerning the customer. This information will enlighten you to an unabridged new world of truths. The new facts will lead you to a predictable outcome. The customer will tell you how to act, how to speak, what to say, and how to say it. You will discover particulars to a new perspective that drives results geared to what the customer wants. It is essential to give the customer reasons to own. Now those reasons are driven by the customer’s reasons to own. It is not your reality that counts and it is in the details the customer holds as truths. The customer will believe more when it comes from him or her. Your job is to discover the customer’s real reasons to get the job completed today and why he or she wants it completed today.


Quit using as excuses the unlicensed or unqualified person is cheaper. You should have acquired the ability to show the customer that you are the expert. You should have the ability to show the customer the difference between you and any other person or company. You should have the ability to show the customer why more people use you.















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  1. Well written & on target

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