Did you Really do this?



Did you Really do this?


Call it crazy or call it madness you do get to create your economy. You can wallow in a defeatist attitude or you can grab the bull by the horns and do something about it, take some sort of action. Sitting on the sidelines watching your customers go to the wayside is not the correct action to take. The world is full of losers and it is time for you to start the engines and ride out of loser town.


In recent conversations with plumbers across the states an unusual type of resistance is occurring. This resistance consists of an excuse that goes like this; the customer will not let me do the right solution. What? This is a difficult one for me to wrap my head around. How did the customer hear of a solution that was not the right solution in order to choose it as the wrong solution? How did the customer force you to give the wrong solution and to make the wrong repair?


How did that presentation go? I do not want to hear how that happened. The proof is in the pudding. It is a lack of communication with the customer. Proper questions were not asked and the plumber did not receive the right answers. The plumber is a deer caught in headlights and cannot get out of the way of the speeding vehicle. The plumber finds himself or herself in this situation in spite of their experience and knowledge of the profession.


Presenting solutions to your customer demands that the solution makes sense to the customer. It is a best practice to give a good, better, and best solution and choice to the customer. Each solution must stand on its own merits and must have overwhelming support as to why one is better than the other. Never should you mention a solution that will not take care of the problem for a very long time.


As an example; a 25 year old toilet with 25 year old parts and the fill valve is bad. Frequently the tank bolts are also rusted and a heavy crust is over the head of the bolt. The part that fills the toilet is identified as a fill valve. Why would you give as solution gaskets that will not last longer than a year or 2 to repair the fill valve? More often then not the gaskets will fail within the warranty period. It makes no sense to include that as a fix.


It may make you feel proud that you could fix a 25 year old or more product however a greater question is should you have done that? Is your ego so fragile that you are willing to install the wrong choice than to make a strong engaging presentation for the proper choices due to you fearing the word no? The customer must know and feel that you are confident in your solution and you will not back down from the proper choices.


The proper solution is a brand new fill valve, flapper and trip lever. The second option is a complete toilet tank rebuild that replaces every part inside the porcelain china tank. Remember the bolts are rusty, crusty and the other parts are 25 years old. The third and final option is a brand new toilet with a better flush and a green product that saves money on water and sewer bills. These are the proper solutions to give the customer that gives them the best possible choice and the correct choice.


When I give the customer the wrong solution to buy most of the time it comes back to bite me and the customer in the rear. When it fails quickly you lose all credibility as the expert as you were the one to recommend this solution. Now the customer must pay you more money to fix it properly this time. The problem with this is the customer knows that they paid you to make a cheap fix and you allowed it and their product still does not work. This is what will happen; you will give credit back for the cheap repair that did not work towards the right choice. You and the company lose money once again not to mention the credibility and respect for the profession that was lost. There is nothing you can do as you have your tail caught between your legs. Then you repeat this vicious cycle again with other customers.


Stop giving bad choices to your customers. Start having more trust in your customers to make the right choice when you give them better choices. It is time to start informing your customers of the benefit and advantage to them to make the right choice. It is time to stop telling the customer what they will not get by making the wrong choice. Stop trying to convince the customer and start influencing the customer. It is time to increase your economy by giving your customer more choices that are the right choices.






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