A Purpose with your Questions and What is Stopping You from Asking?


 A Purpose with your Questions and What is Stopping You from Asking?


  1. 1.     I’m sick of the lousy economy2
  2. 2.     I’m amazed at the extent of hack work3
  3. 3.     I’m sick of the unlicensed thieves taking our work
  4. 4.    I’m upset that the ‘authorities’ don’t seem to be enforcing licensing laws
  5. 5.    I’m sick of cheap customers!!!


We do produce our own economy. I will not tell you that if you envision a good economy you will have a good economy. However you must take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to you. It is infinitely better to have a positive position and hold on your economy then a ho hum the sky is falling attitude. You are what you practice at the end of the day.


Typically with the construction service trades the presentation of solutions is; here it is. Do this and I can fix it for you, do not do this and I cannot fix it.This is broke, here is what I can do, and the price is no longer is cutting the mustard. The customer no longer will have you do the job just because you showed up and are experienced. What is necessary is an explanation of why it broke, how to keep it from happening in the future and present options that make sense to the customer. Your reasons concerning why the customer should move forward today does not hold the same meaning it did 30 years ago. Your reasons  for the customer to buy no longer are as valid as the customer’s reasons to own.


There is a thought that you need more customers to increase a company’s bottom line. This is a misconception and a delusion. The absolute best practice is to work for your existing customer base. These customers already know and understand how you operate. They already trust and respect you and they are ready, willing and able to work with you. Your main effort should be to stay in front of your existing base and allow them to be a cheerleader for you and your company. It is fantastic when your client base increases and it is a natural progression that should increase the bottom line. This line of attack to increase business also increases your advertising dollars that you do not have to spend. The issue is to increase the number of phone calls asking for service and at a reasonable expense.


With the proper training you can increase profits with the amount of service calls you now receive. The concept is not a difficult concept to grasp. The idea is to ask questions and then understand the answers you receive from those questions. These questions must have a purpose. Asking questions without a purpose is wasting your time and devaluing the customer’s time. Whenever you ask a question it is asked in order to receive an answer. Information is sought and requested. Your questions should discover information that  is important to the customer and you.


When I speak with other construction trade professionals I discover a misunderstanding of the type questions to ask. Some training will have the service technician ask the typical question that has nothing to do with the situation to create small talk. This small talk is about a chandelier hanging form a hallway or kitchen ceiling. If you’re an electrician these are valid questions if not then you’re a time waster. The idea is to have your customer be comfortable and translated this means to increase the trust in you. Creating small talk is fantastic however these questions must have a purpose that is designed to give you proper information. They are not questions designed to trick or manipulate the customer into a false sense of security.


I recommend small talk, it is a solid business practice and it will lead to what is important to your customer. Questions to ask about the issue that is immediately in front of you should be similar to; has this happened in the past, what you did the last few times, what do you want to accomplish today, and what option you want. These are solid strong questions to and will discover budget, urgency, and most importantly what the customer is willing to do to rid them of the issue at hand. It will lead you to a predictable outcome.


A simple way to understand what type questions you should ask and be prepared to answer is to write down questions your customers have asked you in the past. These questions will include questions concerning price, time and what will work to take care of the issue. A fantastic way to understand customer value is to ask your existing customers why they chose you to do the work. Start today to make a habit that includes asking every customer why they chose you today . Now you will know and understand why the customer uses you instead of thinking you know and making a best guess


Some other questions to ask include how the customer feels or likes their present product and the service they received from that product. This will inform you if the customer is looking for a new product that will give them better service. Asking the customer what they expect and want to accomplish today also are good solid questions to ask. This will inform you if the customer is interested in a  long term fix or a temporary solution. You may want to discover any and all other repairs he or she has made to this product in the past.


Understanding what the customer wants to accomplish and what they think will lead you to a way to present better choices to the customer. When a product has given the customer trouble throughout the years there is no sense is spending and throwing away more money on a product that is a lemon in the mind of the customer.


Separating yourself from the competition and less qualified people or companies will decrease the number of customers having to go outside the trade to get the work completed. Asking the proper questions and giving the right choices will increase your economy by increasing your outside referrals and profitability. This is the most effective way to advertise and receive work by allowing your customers to tell others willingly and freely about you.


Rarely do I discover a customer as cheap. I frequently run into frustrated customers that have had people do work for them in the past that were unqualified. Add to this an inability to communicate and express ideas the choices given to customers was limited and they must make the best decision with less information than necessary. Typically the choice is a best of the worst and the customer should be receiving the opposite. The customer has the right to choose the worst of the best solutions verses choosing ony1 option that is the absolute worst due to the service provider thinking the customer wants cheap. It is always best to know what the customer wants than to have the service provider think they know. When given the correct solutions that are based on the customer’s reasons it will enhance the percentages that the customer will make the right choice for the best solution for him or her.


Today is the day to start asking the right questions and gain information that enables you to help your customers make the right choice. By doing this you will decrease the chances of work being given to unqualified personnel. You will increase your economy by helping more people choose the right choice increasing profits. Your perception of your clients will change from a cheap customer to a really nice customer.





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