It is Time for You to Come a Long Way


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It is Time for You to Come a Long Way


What path will you take, will you take the road less traveled or will you take the road you’ve always traveled. There comes a time where you must decide if you will take the fork in the road than to take the easy way home. People say the path to heaven is full of Saints and sinners and this means there’s always time to change the path you’re on.


It is difficult to change behaviors however sometimes it’s the thought process that makes it tougher. Frequently there is a belief that a lot needs to be changed when in fact it’s a little tweak here and there and that is enough. Do not always believe that everything needs to change immediately. There is no reason to go round and round never going anywhere when fear has its grasp upon you.


Do you have the passion to succeed, do you have the desire to achieve, and do you have the persistence to continue reaching higher than you have ever reached in the past. Remember past glory, how you felt the joy, and the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Get that feeling back. Is it that that far gone?


All you need is an idea and that is the starting point. Next is to provide an action to that idea and you’ve taken your first and second step. Now comes the most  important step and it is the third step. This is where you actually leave behind everything that you were and are heading somewhere you’ve never been. It can be scary however you can choose if it is fun, exciting, and fulfilling. What will you choose?


Today make a choice and stand by that decision to move forward and leave the backwards motion to your competition. Decide today what will separate you from your competition. Write down on paper where you are different than your competition. Highlight those items that are extremely important to you and your customers.


How do you let your existing customers know about the new you and how will you get the message to potential customers. The consensus by many of your peers in the construction trades has a belief that word-of-mouth is by far the best way to communicate your value. You must make your customers cheerleaders for you and your company.


This will mean you have to reeducate your existing customers and teach each one how to refer you to their friends and neighbors. This is much easier said than done. People will make a decision based on past experiences. These experiences are; what they have done, what theyhave heard, and what they have seen. You will have to hit all three of these with your existing customer base in order for them to refer you with confidence.


Hopefully this is not a tall order for you to accomplish. Again you do have a choice and a new decision to make that will affect every customer. Start today to make a difference in your customers lives and  start building relationships that are meant to last a test of time.


Remember anywhere you go there you are, isn’t it better being  prepared then arriving on a wing and a prayer. By setting a plan in motion it will get better all the time. This plan is not a drastic plan it  is a relatively simple plan and it consists of asking different questions. These questions will focus on your customer and less on you and your products.


Your behavior change is to focus on the customer’s reasons to own. Stop believing in your own reasons that try to persuade a customer to own. Start believing in your ability to influence decisions that will enhance your customer’s life and living situation. What this means is you will discover the customer’s wants and needs and fulfill those wants and needs.


To do this you will need to put aside all the habits that will have you thinking versus knowing what the customer wants. This will take precise and concise information that is understood by both you and your customer. You will include the customer in all phases of the process. This means the customer will be involved with the diagnostics, discovery of new wants and needs, and the solution. This does not constitute that the customer is making the diagnosis it just means they’re assisting you to help you make the proper presentation concerning the solution that is best for him or her. Everybody gets to dance in the process.


When you include the customer in the process you are selling for the customer’s reasons and this will give you a progression of consent that will lead to a natural conclusion. The natural conclusion is to use you at the price you require to run a profitable business. When you include the customer the resistance drops considerably, objections and questions decrease, and buyer’s remorse is virtually eliminated. How can you give the wrong solution and present a bad idea when the customers are included? This is fundamentally impossible and improbable.


Now you have two people that have so much pride inside; one is the pride of ownership and the second is the pride that arrives with helping somebody get what they want and need. Decide today to change the way you do business and start with the small changes that make a huge difference with people.


By implementing these two simple strategies you will be amazed with the number of referrals you will receive romf your customers. You will also notice an improvement with your profitability and more satisfied customers. Step up to the plate and hit a home run for your customers making them cheer you onto greater heights. Become their superhero and allow your customer to notice your difference.












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