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Where to Start with Sales


Why do so many service technicians have a difficult time selling? If we had an exact answer to this question many service technicians would not fear selling to the consumer. This fear is perpetuated by people that make the statement people do not like to be sold. The actual saying is people do not like to be sold they like to buy. This is not the whole truth. People do not want to be sold to badly by a salesperson. All one has to do is visit a store that has a salesperson and you will soon discover salespeople that have skills are sought out by customers.


So in reality people do like to be sold however you must have a salesperson that has skills. These skills are the ability to communicate, the ability to ask questions, and the ability to listen. These three skills will enable the salesperson to discover what the customer wants and why the customer wants or needs your product and/or services.


Frequently you walk into a store and someone will say hello. The next question is how I can help you in the customer will say something. If the customer has informed that person of a product they will take them to that products and then repeat the question of how may I help you. The customer is no longer engaged and they no longer want your help.


What the salesperson needs to do is say hi how can I help you, listen, then ask a few questions concerning why the customer wants what they want. Once you understand what it is the customer wants and why the customer wants it, you now have the capability of discovering new wants. What if the customer wants a gas grill for cooking outside? A few good questions are; how often do you cookout/grill, typically how many people do you cook for, will you be leaving this unit outside. Other good questions are what foods do you like to grill, do you ever use a rotisserie for grilling, and are you interested in cooking vegetables on your grill?


The customer’s answers to your questions will determine the next set of questions concerning the grill. Items that you will want to cover would be the size of the grill, will they need utensils, and will it be stored outdoors. Will they need a cover for the grill? A nice add on sale is a cookbook that specializes cooking on a grill. When it is a propane gas grill, you can remind them that you have propane tanks to replace the tank when it runs out of gas. You are now asking for repeat business from this customer.


I went into a hardware store and asked where their light bulbs were located. The sales clerk said follow me, and she took me directly to the light bulbs. No questions asked and no answers received once she discovered I needed light bulbs. The question of what kind of light bulbs do you need should have been the follow-up question and what kind of light. A pack of light bulbs can cost anywhere between three and six dollars depending upon the light fixture. A light fixture may cost anywhere between six dollars and up depending on the customers taste.


On our way to the light bulbs isle she should have taken me down the light fixtures isle. A quick question to ask me or any customer is; how do you like your current light fixture. It may have given her insight to the ease of transitioning me into a new light fixture. I may have discovered a better looking light fixture then I already had in my home. However, the want or need cannot be raised to a new light fixture and new wants cannot be discovered when questions are not raised to peak interest. This is the difference between a profitable company and a company that is just getting by.


A customer may believe it is the fault of the sales clerk. However, it is not. It is the fault of the company for not providing training to improve a salesperson sales skill and sales will. Many people enter the sales profession due to believing that it is easy. When there is a good salesperson. It appears to be very easy to sell and the process will flow with no problems. What this does is create a vision that it is easy and anyone can perform at a high level immediately. When in fact it takes a very long time to gain the experience, knowledge, and ability to influence a customer’s buying decision.


There is more to selling then punching a time clock and getting started. You must have a purpose and that purpose must be tied to a goal that you are committed to reach. Once this is accomplished now you must decide how you will reach this goal. To understand and know how to reach this goal, you may find it possible that you need assistance. It is at this time you will need to ask management for help. Never be afraid to ask management for the help that you need to increase your earning potential, which will increase the company’s profit.


Another fantastic starting point is to get your hands on and read sales, management, and self-help books. There are many amazing books to read. Now, the issue becomes what do you buy or get from the library. Selling to the consumer is different than selling business-to-business. However, some of the strategies in business-to-business environment will also crossover into business to consumer. It can be confusing to decide on what book should be your first few books. I suggest that you buy books that are related to your profession. When in retail, you will be looking for sales books that contain selling to individual buyers called consumers. These books may be concerning real estate, car sales, and door-to-door sales. You will discover more book categories than the few that I have mentioned.


Once you start reading these self-help books. It will generate a need to know more. Once you start generating success you will yearn for more knowledge and seek it out wherever you can find it. The Internet is a fantastic resource to seek out knowledge. There are quite a few people that are offering sales help and the choice to follow whom is difficult. There are many people that will tell you to be careful concerning what you read. There are many more people that will tell you that their way is the only way and this is false. There are many ways to be successful within the sales profession and what you must find is your niche and the way that fits you.


As with anything in life, there are some great practices and you will find some really weak practices. You will discover amazing strategies and you will also discover strategies for someone entering the sales profession that a seasoned professional will not use.


You will hear seasoned professionals stating you should not beat back, bypass, or debate objections. You also hear seasoned professionals make the statement that closing the sale is not a separate event. When you first start out you will make objections and closing the sale separate events. When starting out and learning there is no other way to learn. Eventually you start to gain experience and start to learn why you receive objections. It is at this time you will be able to make your presentation a progression of consent to a natural conclusion to use your solution. This will also include the closing of the sale. This is where you discover the sales process is not many separate events contained within the sales cycle.


At this point your main investment and effort is geared towards how you can be the best at what you are trying to accomplish. Gaining experience will give you knowledge and your sales process will start to take shape. The idea is not to become frustrated. The idea is to become excited and drive the want to know more. Ask more of yourself, then what you are presently giving and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Start today and increase your earning potential and value to your company.









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