What Your Hopes and Dreams Become


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What Your Hopes and Dreams Become



Are things going the way you planed? Are your hopes and dreams simmering on the back burner while you are facing the fears and uncertainty of tomorrow? When all hopes and dreams seem bleak do not be afraid to take the next step. Sometimes a belief is formed and all you can do is take a leap of faith. You will be amazed at what can be accomplished with a little faith. Then follow through with a leap of faith. When you put your mind to accomplishing amazing feats and then provide an action to fortify that belief you can realize your Dreams.


What is your dream? Is it more than you can imagine?


It is human nature to not want to work hard or suffer to reach a dream. What happened to the dreams of youthfulness? They were left behind and an alternate viewpoint springs forward overtaking the original dream. It is time to stop tricking yourself that you have the dream you want.


You must do things today to win it all later. Forget those burdens that tie you down and keep you at the docks of life. Be a difference maker! Will you take action or will you only speak of action? Will your burdens hold you back or will you thrust those burdens down and trample them to the ground.


Release Your Fears

Erase All Doubt

Live Your Hopes and Dreams


How great is that? Each person has 3 parts to their life. There is a beginning, middle, and ending. You do not control or have a choice with the beginning or ending however you do get to control the middle and you certainly have a choice.


What will you do that will impact the ending and how you are perceived? Choosing to do nothing you still have made a choice. Is choosing nothing really the way to go? Laying it all on the line is the way to go. Have you ever researched and thought back to the past and the cost to you with your choices? Then ask yourself can I continue down this road to the future?


What is holding you back? Are you willing to let it hang out and lay it on the line? Will you decide to lay it on the line? Can you commit to this concept? Do you know and understand precisely what you are committing too? Do not give up on your smaller dreams leading to a brighter tomorrow that will launch you to your Dream.


Part of fulfilling dreams is free will. Defining free will is the ability to make choices. This means your choices must have a purpose. The gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult. Only a few find it. Choose your choices wisely.


Another part of fulfilling dreams is determination. You must find the “it”” that drives and inspires you. Determination is what prevents you from giving up and staying the course. You also have to decide if you keep on going due to redemption or free will. What power drives you?


How much will you give of yourself to reach those dreams? Are you a giver or a taker? Which one will reach the dream faster? Will your words meet and back up your actions? Why do dreams fail or succeed? What is the difference between success and failure? Will it take a special person to succeed?

What are your answers to those questions?


Next area towards fulfilling your dreams are; how can “I” make a difference? What is stopping you from being the difference maker? What is against you keeping you from being the difference maker? Do you know the difference between the core beliefs of successful people and people that fail? What will make you be the best that you can? Are you certain or uncertain?


What will Your Hopes and Dreams become?





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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Richard. What would life be without hopes and dreams?

    Answer: Very boring.

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