Eradicating the Frustration


Eradicating the Frustration


Conversing with plumbers and Hvac service professionals from across the USA and Canada it is apparent that frustration is settling in for the long haul. This frustration stems from customers inability to make decisions. The customer is frustrated along with the service professional. What is causing this frustration and what is the friction between the customer and the service professional?


Some construction professionals will claim that the buyer is a professional buyer. This is far from the truth and is not a plausible explanation of construction service buyers known as homeowners. When you’re dealing with wholesale companies, lumber yards, and businesses that work with the consumer of course they have professional buyers. A professional buyer is taught sales techniques and how to ask for more than just a price.


I have a theory that people craft decisions on past experiences. This will include businesses as well as ordinary people. Defining past experiences; things they have done, things they have heard, and things they have seen. When you examine a buyer and accept past experiences as a major factor that leads to decision you will receive different results. You ought to start looking at buyers from a different perspective and then you will experience different results.


Think back when you have made a purchase; what entered into your decision? What did you use to make the final decision? Let’s look at things people have heard. Whenever a person is ready to buy a product and service typically they will ask somebody they know about the product and service. Every company should ask the potential customer how they heard about you. Frequently you will discover your customers are referred. A neighbor, friends, or relative may have told your customer about you. The customer may have found you in the Yellow Pages, and if this is the case ask the customer what they found interesting with the yellow page advertisement. The computer has made a major impact with customers and their choice of who to use. You need  a Web presence that informs the customer of your standards and expectations. These are all types of referrals and a will represent what they heard and what they’ve seen.


Now think back to a time that you made a purchase and whether you had a good experience or a horrible experience. Another core belief I have; customers are looking for a different experience than they have had in the past. This is why they did not call the last person they had businesses with and decided to call you. Understanding and knowing this will allow you to ask good questions. A good question is; have you ever used a service professional in the past? When the answer is yes why not ask how was that experience? When a customer trusts and respects you they will answer this truthfully. If it was a negative experience discover why it was negative to him or her and then deliver the opposite. If the customer states that it was positive. This poses a different question and that is; why the customer called you and not them? You must presume that it wasn’t the type experience they wish for and received. A good question to ask is what are you expecting today?


Remember you are trying to find out their motive to get things done today. Discovering this, you have the tools to influence a great buying decision by your customer. That decision is not choosing product or service. The great buying decision by your customer is to use you. Too often service professionals are trying to convince and persuade the customer into buying products and services without acknowledging why the customer wants to buy. This service professional is selling for themselves and to the customer verse selling for the customer. Decide today to stop selling for you and sell for the customer.


You ask what the difference is. There is a monumental difference between selling to the customer and selling for the customer. Selling to the customer you are using your reasons the customer must get this fixed and why the customer must use you. The first thing to understand is the customer does not need you and they can get somebody else to do this. What this means to you is you must drive the customers want to use you. The easiest way to drive this wants is to make it about your customer.


How do you make it about the customer? You do this with your questions. You want to discover why the customer wants to complete the task and why they want to get it completed today. You must discover what it is the customer wants to accomplish and how they would like to do it.


A great exercise for you is to write down on paper, why should the customer choose you? You should be able to name quite a few reasons why the customer should choose you. Stay away from the fact you are beating on your chest and telling the customer you are licensed and insured. You may want to explain to the customer your cost of doing business. Stay clear of this. The customer will think your overhead is extremely high, and you are passing your problem to them and they don’t care. Every time a sales professional tells me about their cost of doing business. I tell them that’s your problem, and not mine. You need to do something about your cost of doing business. Perhaps this potential customer should find somebody else if it is too difficult for you to control your cost of doing business. This is the exact reason why you do not want to use your cost of doing business as a reason to use your services.


Instead of explaining cost of doing business give information concerning the years of experience that you have and that you have done this very thing hundreds if not thousands of times. This gives the perception that you are the expert and it will be relatively easy for you to perform. Frequently, construction professionals will try to explain the great difficulty of a job to a homeowner and this is something you want to stay away from. If it is that difficult for you to perform then perhaps the customer should get somebody else  that has done this before and is more experienced. The customer wants to know if you have done it before and can you do it today. They don’t want to know if it takes special tools, how old your tools are, or an explanation of the great difficulty and time it may take.


So why do people use you? How can you find out why customers use you? There is one way to discover why customers use you and that is to ask your customers. When you complete a job for a customer and you have collected for the job ask Joe what made you use me today? After they get done telling you ask for one more favor. Joe, would you mind writing a letter explaining this for me. The majority of the time you will find a customer is happy and willing to write a letter for you. Ask Joe if he could write the letter while you’re there and hand him a piece of paper and your pen. Help your customer write the letter by asking them to put certain items in the letter.


The items you want covered are; what customer felt about the price, what the customer felt about the products, and what the customer thought about the service. Your final paragraph should be what they found after the completion of the job. These are real and solid reasons why people use you. When a customer tells you why they use you it will transfer to other potential customer’s reasons to use you.


When you follow the above suggestions you will limit the stress and frustration that you receive. This will also relieve the stress and pressure of your customers. Give the customer a different experience and  say goodbye to frustration.






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