Anxiety Centered Peddling Oh My


Anxiety Centered Peddling Oh My


I enjoy sales it is not only my life is also my passion. I try to learn as much as I can concern people and their actions, reactions and what basically drives their interests. Since early 2000’s when the banks and economy turned my views and best practices have also changed. It is more difficult in today’s climate to sell products and services and customers are savvier concerning their buying decisions. What I have noticed within the sales profession are the different tactics that sees salespeople have stooped to in order to be successful with sales. It appears that more people in sales seem to believe their must be sales gimmicks in order to accomplish a sale. It is still a people business.


Maybe it just seems there are more tricks and smoking mirrors prevalent than what it really is however, the tactics are shameful and dishonest. What’s really amazing is the success ratio or percentage is very low with the tactics. They tactics are stretching the definition of manipulation where they are taking unfair advantage of a customer’s emotional state and driving the emotion in a negative way to encourage the sale. Fear of a disaster, death, sickness, and a far worse life style than you are experiencing.


Some sales trainers have started to focus on using fear to motivate and then moving the customer into a certain direction based on this fear. The fear takes over the customer and this seems logical to those learning this strategy as the customer should know the repercussion of not moving forward. This seems to be the direction of these flawed sales training efforts.


What’s worse, there are sales trainers that are pushing this type sales strategy, and for whatever reason they seem to be great at gaining ground in different industries teaching this concept and having it accepted. They have somehow convinced companies that are suffering and or in need of expanding their client base. This may help to increase their closing ratios due to poor selling skills. To those who have poor skills these are viable strategies to use on new and existing customers. It isn’t that these people that are taking  the training have abandoned principles and ethics they have just lost sight due to the urgency of keeping their business profitable or maintaining their company.


Personally I find it easier to teach fear-based sales as it takes very little from the individual to learn fear-based techniques. It also takes less effort from the sales trainer to teach manipulation verses demanding more of the sales person to expand and change behaviors. Fear-based strategies and techniques can be taught in less than two days, and the person can be turning dollars. The problem with this strategy, you need to make sure that you have a never ending flow of customers. What this means is you must increase your efforts and advertising whether this is in real dollars, or face time networking. Your closing rates will be extremely low and when this is translated for every 100 people you see, you may close five. To increase your client base by 25 means you must talk to 500 people. This does not mean that the 500 people you are talking to are ready, willing and able or even interested.


As for me, my time is more valuable than to waste 475 people’s time. My time is better spent holding conversations that discover information that tells me how I can be of service to 25 out of 30 people. I would rather speak to 30 people that are interested and talk from the heart and have 25 of them that are qualified as being ready, willing and able. You really don’t want to spend a lot of time talking to a lot of people to only have a few people interested. You must narrow that down to interested parties that you can engage and enlighten.


If these so-called trainers that teach fear-based tactics would invest a little time in the company. They will make a discovery that uncovers a presentation flaw and therein lays the solution. Instead of wasting a lot of time on people disengaged ,spend more time with willing people and discover why they need or want what you have and what it is they actually want to accomplish.


These trainers will discover that budget is not being exposed and learned. What is happening is a budget is being discussed but it’s a seller’s definition of budget. Designed by the seller for the seller and given to the buyer. Designing a budget that fits the buyer he or she may have terms that are acceptable to them. By the seller determining what the terms and budget are a potential customer has two choices. They can either by or they walk away. Chances are extremely high that the majority of the buyers will walk away due to a nonconforming budget in terms. You have lost the set, match, and game.


This is very basic sales and in order to be successful must be implemented. Back in the day, frequently a company had more customers than they knew what to do with  however today’s market is saturated with  company’s and the customer has many choices. The customer must be included in the diagnostics, the solution, and the budget. Bypassing the customer with any one of these three will increase the chances of an unacceptable proposal, not because it’s not what is needed or necessary, but because it cuts off one of the five criteria to ownership and that is can afford. Remember before sale can be completed a customer must need, can use, must be able to afford it, want it, and lastly they must want you to provide it.


Simple discoveries are required of the seller concerning the buyer. These discoveries are determined by questions that you asked the buyer. The questions are designed to be questions about the buyer. The questions are going to be about emotional items such as how do they feel and why do they feel the way they do. When you wanted discover urgency house, how soon will the customer want to get this accomplished. There can be questions concerning budget and how important this is to them. By asking these questions, you can now have a minimum of two proposals for your customers. Design a solution and presentation that will fit the customers proclaimed budget. Then design a solution and presentation to your proposal that you feel is in their best interest in compare the two proposals giving the customer an option.


Decide today that your job also includes finding conditions that will make the terms acceptable along with selling your products and services. By doing this, your customers will be happier and satisfaction is accomplished. A happy customer will gladly refer you to more of her friends and family. Decide today to share your gifts with your customers. Decide today how you can help others get what they want and need.



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