What do you want to get out of sales?


What do you want to get out of sales?


It is apparent after having many discussions with people in the construction trades. This is one question that has never been given much consideration. To expect success with any venture you must have a goal and purpose. You must have a goal and purpose with sales. Without a purpose and a goal you will wander aimlessly without hitting your target. Why there is no target to hit.


A substantial part of sales is with building a relationship and you must decide what type relationship you want with each customer. Do you strictly want a business relationship that is straightforward with each customer and set client expectations that you are all business? With this relationship what kind of discoveries do you want to make. You must learn what makes the customer tic, motives, and their attitude. You must choose how you will make those discoveries. You will want to determine what it is they would like from you, and you will discern if this is a customer for you.


You may want to develop a relationship that mixes both personal and a professional relationship. This is a relationship where you allow the customer to get to know you and you to get to know him or her. When you have a personal mixed with a professional relationship comfort is easily obtained and enjoyed by all. When a customer becomes comfortable with you they will offer to give truthful information that is; important to the solution, and sale. When you have a strict professional relationship it is more difficult to gain this comfortable valuable information as swiftly.


There is a difference between a business-to-business and business to consumer relationship. Quite often in a business to business sale you are working with a corporation and multiple layers in order to finalize a sale. This means more people are involved in the decision-making process. It  also means more people  with different thought patterns will decide whether the solution is proper and if the price is what they want. With a business to consumer sale typically you are working with one to three decision-makers. There can be more, but is not typical. A personal relationship is more conducive to the business to consumer sale.


Will you be using sales to increase your profitability? Using sales to increase profitability you will be seeking additional tasks. These extra tasks are items that will require the buyer to invest more money. Are you prepared to answer questions that ask why should I do this. As always, you never sell items that are not necessary.


This is the difficult part and that is determining what is necessary and what is not necessary. I was just discussing this with one of my sales staff this morning concerning what is necessary. We were talking about and tub and shower valve that rotates and he stated the valve was starting to become stiff. Next; the valve is still working and he did not deem it as a necessary repair. Another person may review the same situation and decide to suggest a repair in order for that faucet to rotate with the ease. I explained to him that it would be an individual preference with this situation. In his own words it was stiff and working less than intended. What this brings to the table is each person must work within their own ethical boundaries. Each of us will have a sense of what is right and what is wrong and this brings in a gray area that is speculative and opinion based.


Having a sales goal that allows you to sell the single task that you visited a customer for is not necessarily wrong or improper. Increasing your ability to help serve your customers with every opportunity is still being fulfilled. Sometimes we handcuff our hands and we do not allow our customers to receive the full benefit and value that we have to offer. If we were to ask our customers what they prefer you would discover they would want you to take care of all their issues while you are there. Of course you will have some customers that will refuse to make the necessary repairs in their home and will just want the one item repaired or replaced. You must respect their choice and decision as final. It does not have to prevent you from talking about preventative measures that in all likelihood will avert premature failure or possible property damage.


A sale is about serving your customer in their best interest. Zig Ziglar has a quote or statement that passes along this idea; a sale is what you do for the customer and not to the customer. What this means is it is in the best interest of your customer and it may not be in your best interest as a company. In the construction service trades this may mean a repair of a product versus replacement of that same product. We must trust the customer will make the best decision when we give them the proper information.


What is it that you want to accomplish with your sales effort? Decide this and start enjoying an enjoyable ownership exchange today with your customers. What is meant by enjoyable ownership exchange? The short definition is having a conversation with your customer and giving him or her all the information necessary to make the proper choice. The customer comes to a natural conclusion that  they must use you ,your product, and services. Frequently a salesperson will hold an advantage over their customer and hold back information that is highly important to the decision. This is not by design or done on purpose by many people in sales. This is a mistake that happens when there is a lack of training with sales. By holding back information the customer is left with two choices. Those two choices are; to accept the proposal or to decline the proposal. Typically when these two choices are the only choices you have a 50% to 70% chance that the sale will move forward. This means you have a 30 to 50% chance of losing that sale and customer. When you lose a customer it will take a monumental effort to gain that customer back. When you decide what you want to accomplish with your sales efforts decide to invest in sales training.


What is it you want from your sales efforts? What is it you hope to accomplish with your sales efforts? How will you help serve your customers? Will your customer be there for you tomorrow? What information will you give your customer in order for him or her to make the best possible choice? Will you provide an action or a reaction?







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