Rejecting the Repetition Ruling Service Calls


Rejecting the Repetition Ruling Service Calls


You’re making your way and for that I’m glad. Are you fulfilling your dreams? Do you struggle one day and the next is okay? Do you have hills and valleys that you face daily? How many service calls must you run and a day to reach your goal? How many service calls would you like to run in a day to reach this goal? How many service calls should you run in order to make your goal? Is it more profitable to run job to job, then to service 2-4 a day and spend a couple of hours with each customer?


To run eight to 12 service calls in a day adds wear and tear to your vehicle? The miles you drive will affect your insurance. A lot of miles on your vehicle will force you to change your vehicles more rapidly than you should. The more miles you drive the more gas it takes. The more miles you drive, the higher the chance of accidents.


The more service calls you run in the day, the more likely you are to be tired. When you get tired, the more likely it is that you make a mistake. The more tired you are the more stress will affect you and the ability to deal with obstacles is lessened. The more tired you get the more your mind will forget some things. The things that are forgotten are; billing out all the materials, forgetting tools, and forgetting to complete all the tasks that you have promised. This leads to an unsatisfied customer that is left wanting more than what you have given them.


The more service calls you run in a day. The more likelihood it is that you will need to move quickly through jobs and while driving. The frustration of keeping up with the day’s activities seems to mount and grow, making the most simple task difficult. Do not let time knock you down and keep you from your goals. Allowing time to distract you will defeat you.

How can you keep control of the amount of service calls that you run in a day? The first thing I must ask is why do you believe you need to run every service call today? Service companies have this wild idea that every customer that calls today must have the work completed today. This idea is relayed by the way you answer your phone and talk to the customer. Simple question asking when you would like service or set it tomorrow as opposed to do you want service today would greatly reduce the number of calls you run today. A great way to answer the phone is to let the customer, speak and after they are done get the contact information. The contact information would be name, address, phone numbers (cell and home), and email address. Next confirm the issue the customer is having then let them know what day and time is available. State, tomorrow at 10 is open will that work for you? Allow the customer to stop you and ask for service today.


How do you determine which service call to run today as opposed to setting them up later during the week? The customer that you give priority service to is a previous customer. Second will be those customers with obvious emergencies. Third will be new customers to your company. Fourth are those customers that want a quote. Every customer that calls will fit into those for groups. Schedule your quotes for the end of the day and service the customers that are paying customers first. The customers wanting a quote let them know that they may be rescheduled. If the day does not progress as you expect. Customers that want a quote are customers that have called multiple people. Always ask the customer that wants a quote why they are seeking a quote. This will clarify their objective and it will give you a purpose. You will be able to decide if this is a job that interests you.


The best customer to service is a repeat customer. This customer already understands what you do and why you do it. This customer is less likely to give you difficulty with your presentation and solution and in most cases will accept your proposal immediately. They will do it just because you have stated it needs to be completed. This customer also understands your value to him or her and by having you return they like your service that you have given them. The greatest compliment a company can receive is a customer calling back again, and requesting service. This customer also will pass your name to family and friends.


The customer that has an emergency is a no brainer and no explanation of service is necessary. The new customer, you want to service as quickly as possible. You have spent a lot of money and advertising to gain the new customer. This indicates you need to get to them fast and take care of their issues. You will discover a new customer will take more time than an existing customer for the simple reason you must explain to the customer how you operate, why you do what you do, and finally what you do. Give them the time they deserve.


It is highly recommended when you visit any customer whether they are new or existing do a walk-through inspection of their home. The reason you do a walk-through is to become familiar with the customers home. Remember you have become their trusted advisor and you will want to be able to give them information about their home. Every customer is looking for a different experience with you than they have ever had with any other service technician. Your job is to give them that different experience.


Another reason to do the walk-through it will give you the opportunity to speak to your customer about preventative measures. These preventative measures will ensure that the customer can set up a budget to take care of any issues that will happen in the future. You will be able to prevent premature product failure that may happen at an inopportune time. Any product failure in a customer’s home will delay or add stress to the customer’s lifestyle. When you can help prevent this from happening you have served your customer well.


Having the ability to communicate effectively to the customer concerning any products that may fail in the next 12 months is highly beneficial to the customer. You will discover there are very few people who budget for product failure in their home. When products fail it is always a surprise to a customer and money has not been budgeted for the repairs. What this means is the customer’s extra cash known as expendable income must be spent for something they do not want to spend it on. It is your job and responsibility to prepare the customer for unexpected expenditures in their home. Make this a customer expectation, and you will discover more satisfied customers in your client base.


You will be pleasantly surprised at the many customers that will want to take care of this immediately verse waiting for it to break down. The person that will have an issue with what you’re doing is you the service technician. For some reason the service technician and company have this thought pattern that the customer would have called us if they wanted it completed. The customer is not the professional you are. You have spent many years in school and most likely will have many years’ experience in your profession. How can you possibly expect your customer to have the professional knowledge that is taking you used to acquire? How can you expect the customer to know and understand their products in their home when no one has taken the time to explain their products and fixtures in their home?


This leads us to the next item that is diagnosing the issue. Ask for the customers knowledge of what is going on and what they did that may have contributed to the issue. Stop right here. Once you receive this knowledge then put your experience and knowledge together and discover what the root cause of their problem is. The information the customer is giving you is the symptom, not the cause and you are the expert and must get rid of the cause’s that have contributed to their issue. It is not the customer’s duty or responsibility to diagnose the problem for you.


Give yourself the proper time that is necessary to service your customer. Start managing your time so that it is profitable to you and is meaningful to your customer. Gather information about your customer and  enter this into the database to give you history of every customer. Decide today to limit the number of service calls that you run so that you can be effective with all customers. Allow yourself to only work a certain amount of hours in a day so that Friday you’re as strong as you were on Monday. Give your customers the benefit of doubt that they will be your customer if you service them tomorrow. Start living your dreams while improving the way that you’re making your way. Become a force in your community.





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