Standing on the Corner Watching the Sale go From Bad to Best


Standing on the Corner Watching the Sale go From Bad to Best


Frequently people in the sales profession debate whether sales are an art or a science. Isn’t this like lyrics in a song compared to poetry? The answer is they are both a science and an art form. Observing a salesperson that understands his client is pure magic. It is amazing to watch the emotional involvement a customer will have when a salesperson paints a perfect picture of ownership to that customer.


When a salesperson asks the right questions she will receive truthful answers. There is high probability that the sale will be final. In order for the right questions to be available there must be a precondition that exists. The precondition is an issue, question, and/or concern about a product or service that is providing a discomfort to the customer.


Understanding the customer’s answers and then providing a new set of questions that allows the customer to make new decisions will allow you to get to a solution that best fits the customer’s budget and lifestyle. Frequently salespeople seem to disregard lifestyle as an important factor and this can stall many sales. Lifestyle can be defined by the ease of use, quality, or cosmetics of the product. Typically lifestyle will include the customer’s perceived value. This is sometimes a problem for the salesperson as they may believe the company’s perceived value is the same as the customer’s perceived value. More often than not the 2 do not match. Our job is to discover the customer’s perceived value and make it true value. You do this by aligning your solution to the customer’s reasons and they are part of their perceived value. This is where the science is involved with sales. You must discover motive, mood, and personality of your customer and move this sale along. Will a sale happen if you do not discover motives, moods, and personality, of course it will. However, it will make your job much easier when you discover those three things.


Many sales people make the mistake of offering 1 solution to the customer. This one offering really has a second and that option is to decline the product and service. The first option is accepting the proposal. By offering one solution it often will open up a debate in the customer’s mind to their comfort level concerning budget and time. The customer does not have enough information or knowledge to make a basic decision and then make a right choice especially when the customer is not sure about the 1 solution. Your job is to design several options that are viable solutions that are spread over different budget constraints the customer may be experiencing.


You may have the best thing since sliced bread. However if you’re not giving the customer the proper information or educating him or her, a knowledgeable decision cannot be reached.  What is important information and how do you deliver it to the customer? Typically the salesperson will give information that they deem important. Without understanding what the customer wants and why they want it; what you believe is important is not relevant. The conversation you have with the customer will give you the insight into what the customer wants and their reason why they want it. The customer will have an idea of what they want and when you discover why they want it, you now have a multitude of products that will do what your customer desires and then provide the product for her.


As an example a kitchen faucet; a kitchen faucet needs to
have hot and cold water to fill the sink, wash dishes, rinse dishes, and possibly to fill a glass or cooking pot. The faucet the customer has is not working properly. The first known fact is the faucet is not acting correctly. Everything else is a secret at this time and the customer is holding the keys. You will need to know the secret and the secret is what else will your customer use the kitchen faucet for; this will give you information on her lifestyle.


Imagine for a second the customer washes her hair at the kitchen sink. What if she works on her plants and uses this area for starter plants? What if this home has a small dog and she washes this dog at the kitchen sink? Imagine that the customer cooks for a lot of people and has large pans. The only way to discover these things is to ask questions? A standard kitchen faucet will have a very short  slight rise and a limits the distance for these other activities and the faucet that exists may not fit her lifestyle. This will take you from a standard kitchen faucet to either a pullout spray kitchen faucet, or a high arching faucet. Do you think if you made the customer’s life easier that she would hold it against you that you asked those questions to give her a better result? Do you believe she would get angry with you for increasing her budget or what she thought she may want to spend for something that will make her life easier? The obvious answer is not at all, and I guarantee you that she will thank you for making the suggestions.


This is not limited to, kitchen faucets only it is magnificent for any and all products or services that you have to give to your customers. Start today and use the art and science of sales to enhance your customer’s experience with you while you give your customer the bus that he or she deserves. Decide today to stop thinking for your customer and allow your customer the opportunity to tell you what they want and why they want it. Decide today to include your customer with the diagnostics and then to help you provide the proper solution.


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