Sounded like a good idea ………………………. At the time

Sounded like a good idea ………………………. At the time


I truly enjoy listening to Michael Stanley from Cleveland, Ohio. His lyrics have so many different meanings and are spoken/sung brilliant. He has written a song called Good idea at the time. This is important due to this paper due to some advice that is given freely in some professional construction and service internet sites by long time business owners. Frequently the ideas expressed sound like a good idea at the time they are written. It is like a sporting event where you can pump your fists and throw it high into the air and yell right on or way to go brother. When you seriously look at what is stated you will shake your head and say, what did I do and why did I do it.


There are so many people that have enjoyed a long tenure in the industry despite themselves and their insufficiencies. These people are still in business for a variety of reasons. One reason may be longevity due to the name recognition while others have just been plain lucky. Another reason is the company is the only game in town, and people are stuck using them. The reason they are still in busy is unimportant. I do get a huge kick out of some of the advice given concerning treatment of customers. Before I get into the specifics of customer service, communication, and providing a different experience for the customer a discovery must uncover what your purpose or niche is.


You the owner must decide what your company will do to create your niche in your market and your customer. When you are a jack of all trades you are a master at none of them.  It is impossible for 1 person to become an expert when they are spread in too many different directions. However it is easier to keep busy if you do more than 1 function. Using a plumber as an example; a plumber can have divisions inside a company that covers residential and light commercial service, remodeling, and residential new construction under the guidance of one master plumber/owner. These are separate division under single management and must remain separate from each division.


This same plumbing company may want to only be involved in new construction business working with residential new construction and new commercial projects. When there is a relationship within the industry you can be an expert in each division. Some will only do service or any of the 3 individually.


However a company that is split into divisions with 1 person managing every division it becomes more difficult to be the expert. As an example a company that is diversified into all  phases of plumbing , then adding an HVAC division both commercial and residential, new and remodeling, appliance ,refrigeration, roofing and other types of construction 1 person cannot be the exert in any  of the different divisions unless those divisions are run separately and by others inside the organization. Again the jack of all trades master of none philosophy Is and will be apparent.


What I have described above with difference unrelated divisions inside a company will also uncover many differences in the philosophies with the way business is run. The customer experience is affected and will also be different. The company that is much diversified will not have to care as much about their customer niche as a company that only services 1 to 2 or 3 niches within a related industry. As the customer experience is and will be different between the 2 different company work environments.


When accepting advice from other business owners or trainers keep in mind their purpose and is that purpose different than yours. What may seem like a good idea at the time can also deliver horrendous results. I love how ballsy this one owner claims he is with his customers however, if a business owner would seriously treat their customers like this trouble would ensue. There are one of two things that will happen, and they are you will lose a ton of customers and there must be a huge market area to always be reaching for new customers to replace your old ones that have been discarded. Word spreads quickly concerning customer experience. Unless you are the only game in town, to play this game, you will lose.


Certainly there are times when you must separate your company from a customer. This is called firing a customer and certainly you must give that identical privilege to your customer to fire you. When you decide to cut loose the customer it must be based on your company purpose and limitations. You do not have to hold on and see how it plays out. To decide when a good time is to cut loose a customer; check your books. When the time involved exceeds the dollar amount that is necessary to run your company it is time to cut the customer loose. When a customer is obnoxious, disrespectful, and requesting outrageous discount each time you visit. It is time to let them go. Do not let your personality rule the decision on the type customer that your company needs to remain profitable and successful. When you base your decision on personalities you are limiting the number of opportunities that are present to you and your company.


There is never a time for you to lose control and resort to obnoxious, rude, and disrespectful behavior. The customer is searching for a leader, become that leader. Words are a tool start using words to help control behavior, especially behavior that is unbecoming. Be the leader you expect to be. A leader will guide and help people make decisions. Give the customer an experience that is different than any other company has given them in the past.


Remember when you hear a good idea at the time; stand back, reflect and research the idea to see if it benefits your company and your purpose. It is human nature to attack when you have been attacked. If you look back at any good or great leader any nation has ever had you will see in time of war they acted rationally and not spontaneously. Great leaders like Winston Churchill had a vision and a plan that allowed him to prepare for war. Sun Tzu in the book Art of War designed plans of attack and counterattack that can be used for basic sales strategy. Remember it is always best to use logic verse emotion when responding to a customer that is angry or being ridiculous.


Design your purpose in your niche and then set out to do it well. When you have a business and the arms that reach out those same arms should be able to belong to the center of your business. When you design your purpose, the company must set the standards. These standards shall and will enhance the customer experience that lead to a natural conclusion to use you. Decide today to stop struggling and fighting with your customers and start to give the customer the best service that he or she deserves. This service includes; good communication painting a picture of ownership with the right solution that will take care of the customer’s problem or issues they are experiencing.


Make your customer smile from ear to ear. Remember that some ideas sound good….At the time.


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