I am going to hold on to see how this plays


I am going to hold on to see how this plays


Through the years I have observed how many businesses and their staff hold on to see how things play out. The procedure is to repeat the same old stuff and hope for a different result. They follow verse taking the lead. Once something is learned, it is played out until it no longer produces like it once did and then it is played some more. There is a refusal to accept or try a different approach. Just adding a little to your already played out system produces amazing results.

We all know and understand proposing a good, better, and best solution provides the customer with a choice. It also includes the customer in the decision making process. Once a customer feels comfortable that they are indeed needed and given the chance to choose something that is in the best interests they are engaged.

Once the good, better, and best starts becoming the same old, something must change. Whether it is the words you choose to describe the solution or the solution itself something must happen. How about trying to package your good, better, and best solution in a different way? Add an outstanding choice to the 3.

Another way to separate yourself form the competition is to stay in touch and follow up with your customers. You are making recommendations. When you do not follow up to those recommendations you are making a bold statement that they are not important and you were after the money. Your recommendations should be there concerns.

Make a follow up call within 2-4 weeks. This phone call should be about the customer and verify the work that you have performed. Reconfirm that the customer made an outstanding choice. Suggest more thought towards getting the recommendations completed at their pace and budget.

Technology is great it is time we in the industry take advantage of it and allow our customers to reach us through technology. It is also a good way to reach your customers. I strongly suggest setting up a community email for your service technicians to use to keep in touch with your customers. Start receiving the customer’s emails. Enter them into your data base. Emails are used by families to send letters. Send your proposals or reconnect emails in a letter form to the customer. This means to write it in letter form in a story form. Explain why the recommendations should get completed. Explain what it is, why they should get it done, what is going to replace the existing, and why it will affect performance.

Sending the proposal in email will permit the customer time to read it numerous times, understand, and acknowledge exactly what should take place. How different is this than the competition? How will this impact the customer in a positive way and to motivate the customer into acting on your recommendations? Silence and non-action by the service technician and company concedes to the customer that you are more concerned with the take than the substance of your mission statement. It is time to show your differences and concerns and let the customer know you truly care.

Increasing the ability of the customer to reach you will increase the customer’s opportunity to take care of nagging issues. Another way to increase your availability is with customer’s texting. Every day I visit with customers I observe the customer texting people they know verse calling their friends and family. Our aim is to become friends and another way to show friendship is giving the customer the ability to reach us through texting. Some people are more comfortable texting then they are speaking give them this avenue.

Now the customer has numerous ways to reach us. To review they can speak to us in a face to face situation. They can use the phone to hold a conversation. Email is another tool for the customer and finally texting. Make these things available to your customer and watch amazing results with building customer trust, respect and rapport develop.

It is time to start giving the customer choices that are more than next to none. It is time that your actions and words meet in the center and are part of the spokes that meet in the center. Your goal is to help and guide the customer to a better choice that enhances their lifestyle and way of living. Start making a difference with each and every customer and let them notice the differences. Give them a different experience then they have had with every




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