Word of Mouth Marketing; Take a Look Around and See What You can See




Word of Mouth Marketing; Take a Look Around and See What You can See


The past 3 years have been exciting as I rediscovered word of mouth marketing. When I discover something interesting I jump into it feet first. Typically it will travel in 3 directions with me. The first stage is observing /researching, and then it moves towards implementing and experimentation with the stuff you/I have observed, and finally jumping in and setting up a plan. People base all decisions on 3 things. These 3 things are;

1. What they have heard

2. What they have seen

3. What they have done

Word of mouth marketing or referrals is based on what they have heard.


Some of the things I have ascertained are:

  1. What do I want out of it
  2. What kind of referrals do I want
  3. What kind of referrals will I want to give


All 3 are very much related. We join networking groups for 1 main reason and that is to grow our business. How we choose to grow our business is where this becomes tricky. This most effective way to grow your business with word of mouth is what I can do for you.


This means; what you are willing to do to help another grow their business before you ask for business in return? This is where a plan is necessary to set in place and stick to the plan to have success in the future. Too many people expect immediate return on their investment. Word of mouth marketing is a different beast and will take time to develop. Relationships are required and time is the key to building relationships of mutual trust and respect. Decide and determine the route you will travel to build mutual trust and respect with your referral partners.


What kind of referrals do you want to receive? Common sense dictates that you want to receive referrals where the potential client is ready, willing, and able. This means the referral partner is doing more than passing out a business card or saying something similar to I know a guy that knows a guy that does this. The customer should know and understand how your referral partner operates as a company. The potential customer should know who you are and how you treat customers. He is a nice guy or she is a wonderful person is not a strong referral.


The potential customer should:

  1. Be expecting a call or calling the referred
  2. Should know a little about the company and that person being referred
  3. Should understand what will happen during the service or transaction

If these things are not known it is nothing more than a cold call and in most cases is a worthless referral. Cold calling produces less than 20% in closed business. If you do not want this type referral than stop or do not give these type referrals unless your referral partner asks for them. These type referrals produce less than desired results and will create difficulty with you and your referral partner. You the referrer lose trust and respect.


When you receive complaints from your customers about your referral you may need to look inward to your referring process. You must schedule more 1 to 1’s or face time with that referral partner to discover how you can refer them better to your customer’s. Frequently a complaint that is expressed towards a referral partner is not the fault of the referral partner but the way we described our referral partner to the customer. You/I need to do a better job with our referral methods. Determine your plan and what type referrals you want and give those same considerations to your referral partners. Do you want someone that wants to beat your price down or someone who is willing to do business with you, ready willing, and able?


Do I want to be known for being referral King or Queen or do I want to be known and recognized as giving solid referrals that result in closed business? Personally I want to be known for giving solid referrals that result in close business for the price the referral partner requires. I have met many referral Kings and Queens however people cringe at the referrals they give. Be that person that everybody looks forward to receiving each and every referral.


This does not necessarily mean that each referral must be red hot and the customer wanted to move forward yesterday. Our job is to motivate our customers to ask you/me who we know. We must relay to our referral partners what the customer is like. It is all about motives, moods, and personalities. Referring your customer without giving this information to your referral partner is a mistake and is a best guess for your referral partner. The more information you give your referral partner concerning your customer increases the level of customer satisfaction with your referral partner and you.


I am a plumber and a weak referral is; call this person she has a leak somewhere. I told her I know a plumber. A fantastic thing to do with customers that are a referral is too ask him or her what did John Doe say about me? Ask yourself this question; what would my customer say?



Are you working a plan? Are you giving the same type referrals you want to give? What will your referral partners say about the type referrals you give them? How strong a referral are you giving? Are the referrals you give resulting in closed business without negotiating? Decide today to start  to shine and be a welcomed resource for your referral partners and your customers.


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