Like shadows in the moonlight your sales process changes expectantly

Shadow at night

Like shadows in the moonlight your sales process changes expectantly

When we fail to plan we plan to fail. I find it very peculiar and unconventional that companies in the construction service trades seldom have a plan to work with their customers. Plumbers, electricians, and HVAC service technicians waltz into a customer’s home and play it by ear. Something more comical is many of these service providers believe they are really good with their customer service and the way they present 1 idea to a customer. The service provider is all over the place with the information, jumping from 1 point to the next and the specific points are not coherent or in sync with one another. Nothing rolls together succinctly and is fragmented at best and the customer is left scratching their head wondering what was really stated and what does that mean to me.

This is where the presentation to the customer reminds me of shadows in the moonlight changing with every step and never having a standard shape or size. Sometimes the shadows are freaky, other times scary. And most cases shadows are just plain strange in appearance. Just like some presentations when you do not have a plan or guidelines to follow.

Presenting an ADA water closet to a customer should go something like this; the comfort height (politically correct terminology) is 2 inches higher which gives you the ability to drop down and lift off the water closet this is commonly called leverage. This particular brand also has porcelain poured trap creating a smoother passage way for paper and waste to travel verse the rough course china that many manufacturers still use today. Another benefit to this water closet is the location of the handle. It is located on the side of the tank and is not in the way of the lid or your back, when you lean backwards on the water closet. The water closet is also sleeker looking and will look great in your bathroom.

A typical service technician will just throw out there that the water closet is 2 inches taller, smooth trap, and forget to mention the handle is off to the side. The customer is left to wonder what this means to them and how it will benefit them or make their life easier. Many will not mention how much better this will appear in their newly remodeled bathroom.

Every time you mention a specific point you must follow that up with a definition of what that means. I like to say this in my mind after each bit of information I give to a customer and that is “which means”. This forces me to inform the customer of the benefits to him or her that will enhance their life and lifestyle.
The way that you explain your products and services to your customers will decide and determine your success or failure with giving the customer what he or she deserves. I know my customers deserve the very best from me and the company, your customers do too.

I do not want my customers to be lying along in the silence of the night and that means I must give them every bit of information that I have in order for him or her to make the best possible decision. Your customer may know there are possibilities however they do not know how easy those possibilities are to install. The customer may not understand or know what is best for them and you must let them know.

This leads me to the terminology that is commonly used in the trade profession with their customers. Those in their perspective trades believe they must speak in terminology that fits their trade. Frequently they are speaking over the heads of their customers and the customer loses interest. The tradesman has a belief that they can baffle the customer with their experience and knowledge by using the terminology in their respective profession. Get over your bad self, people. Would you rather have the customer use you or would you rather try to show them how bright you are in your respective trade? I know I would rather be the person helping my customer than having someone else that communicated effectively with the customer win over my customer. Start having a conversation with your customers that is clear, concise, and precise. Allow the customer to have a memory that is a memorable one about you and your company.

Your plan with each customer should have a beginning, middle, and ending to that encounter. The ending is never an ending it is the start of a new beginning or relationship and that relationship is a continuing one. Remember back to all the great encounters you have had with customers and understand the reason they were great. These encounters were great due to the conversation you had with the customers. Where you and the customer felt comfortable and each of you had the freedom to say whatever you wanted to say. The conversation flowed and you both were engaged in the conversation. You and the customer passed information that made you both feel good. People do not remember what you did however they will always remember how you made them feel. Do away with the strange looking shadows in the night that change with every movement. Start making memories.


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