The Wonders and Treasures of Listening


The Wonders and Treasures of Listening

Another disturbing area that plumbers must find essential to improve their skills with is LISTENING. Through the many discussions with plumbers across the nation and other countries as soon as we hit something that they relate too they interrupt. Automatically they believe they know what is going to be said next. A core belief of mine is you practice what you do. Meaning your habits have been formed and the interactions with people that are not customers are the same actions that are displayed with customers. It cannot be helped as you are what you are.

Zig Ziglar has a quote that is similar to this, you are not what you say you are, what you say and do you are. This is just another way of saying it is not what you say but how you say and do it that affects people and their decisions.

Start listening to your customers and allow them to finish their thoughts prior to you making a judgment to a solution. Before you make a recommendation ask more questions about what you have heard and allow the customer to continue their thought. Allowing the customer to continue with their thoughts will accomplish more than you believe that it can or will. The first and most important result is the customer convinces themselves to use you. Why, because you are listening without jumping to conclusion. This means you care about them. You care about what they have to say and know it to be important. It gives the customer the opportunity to have input to the solution while being included.

Listening allows you to confirm the customers meaning and intent of their statements. Due to the customer not being a professional and expert in your industry they will need more time to express their desires and ideas. The more the customer is allowed to speak the more information they will divulge to you that will go a very long way to determine the outcome of the service call.

A discovery is made by you and that is your customers will become nicer and easier to deal with, they also become more accepting to your proposals. Especially when the solution is not as apparent as the customer believes them to be, quite frequently what is on the surface is not the best choice to make. By listening you have the ability to discover what is needed, wanted, and desired. It will give you the opportunity to influence a choice to receive the desired result over the needed result.

Using a faucet as an example the needed result is to stop it from leaking. A repair is necessary. Listening to the customer you may discover the faucet is 25 years old and they did not pick out that faucet. In their mind they dislike this faucet and it does not fulfill certain requirements they want at their kitchen sink. The customer may describe what it is they would like and you can offer something that will deliver more and enhance their customer experience with that product. Isn’t it in their best interests to inform them of this added benefit to their life? This is accomplished by listening and improving the customer experience. This is accomplished by listening to the customer and is never gained by telling the customer what you think it is they want to hear.

Think back and you will realize that the longer you talked the more stuff you remembered about that particular subject. Many times my office will call me and give me a name of a customer and ask me if I remember particular things about that service call. The more we talk about that customer and have information concerning that customer the better it jogs my memory to remember. The customer should be given that same amount of time to remember everything about the product you are trying to remedy.

The more information you have will greatly influence the outcome of any decision made. Information opens and creates opportunities. The customer will now have the capability and power to make the best possible choice that will benefit them plus enhance the result and return on investment. An analogy would be a huge lake will give you a greater opportunity to catch more fish than a neighborhood pond. How can you give and deliver this to your customer? How much of an effort will you place towards helping your customer more than you presently do?

Decide today to start increasing your effort to hear more by boosting your listening skills. Start today and allow the people you interact with talk more and you speak less. Ask questions to confirm what you just heard and allow that other person to keep on talking about any subject they desire. Become more interested in them than what you have to say. It is not about you and your knowledge it is always about the other person and what you can do for them to help make their day better. Give the customer a different experience and you will see a dramatic increase in what the customer will do for you. The door is open, come outside and discovers a whole new world that presents opportunities where you make moments happen versus waiting for the moment to happen.

Welcome to the world of sales. Change from the traditional world of sales to the unconventional world of sales where communication and conversations are created by listening that can alter attitudes. Move away from manipulating, convincing, and persuading people to a world where influencing decisions leads to a natural conclusion to use you and your solutions.

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