Why do people buy?

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Why do people buy?

Who knows! Each person will buy for their own reasons and not yours. Too often a sales person will try to sell a customer something for their own reasons and then wonder why the customer chose not to purchase the product or service offered.

In the construction service industry way to often people in the trades have this belief that people who do not purchase their solutions are cheap. If anyone believes this to be the truth then there are endless numbers of people that are cheap. I do not believe this as truth. However a deeper look would suggest and provide information that the customer wants to spend money especially when they purchase their own products from home centers, showrooms or via the internet.

The first of June I spoke with a plumbing company about this very issue. They were skeptical and non-believing to the information I gave them. However I asked them to have an open mind and to try and look at their customer’s situation from a different point of view. This point of view is through the customer’s eyes and not through the eyes of a plumbing professional. Listen to the customer and when in doubt ask the customer what they meant when they make statements.

June 29th we sat down for our first training session. Our conversation covered what we discussed during our first meeting and what they discovered working with the customer instead of working on the customer. The rest of the conversation covered many items that allowed these 3 professionals to discover that nontraditional selling creates opportunities.

What was discovered is what happens with many plumbers in the field. The plumber thinks they know what a customer wants and they also believe the customer does not want to spend money on a better solution. This particular service call is with an existing customer. The plumbing company was called out for a problem. They addressed the problem then the owner took the plumber to the kitchen faucet. Keep in mind the customer has taken the plumber to this faucet 3 times in the past with the same issue.

The faucet handle turns 360 degrees and for some reason the handle turns 180 degrees where the hot is on the right and the cold is on the left. Opposite from where the hot and cold should be on a facet. In the past the plumber has always turned the faucet handle in the right position thinking they have serviced the customer correctly. This trip was different. This time they asked the customer questions and discovered that the customer is tired of this faucet acting this way and very tired of having to deal with the issue of a rotating handle. This time the plumber showed the customer a faucet where the handle did not turn 360 degrees. An amazing discovery was made; the customer chose a brand new faucet over keeping the same disappointment from her existing product. The customer was elderly and living on a fixed income so the natural thought of the plumber was and is to save the customer money. What plumbers must discover is that frustration often over rides money spent. By listening to the customer they found out the customer was sick and tired of the frustration from her existing faucet. They also found that this repeat customer who is satisfied with their services is now more than satisfied and she is happy and proud of her new faucet that works better for her.

A closer look at this service call will provide you with a reason why people purchase their own products. What if this plumber had not talked with me or another person concerning sales in the service industry? They would have visited this customer and turned the handle around once again. Then the customer during a conversation with her immediate family, relatives, or friends and they were to mention let us go to Home Depot or Lowes and look at faucets and purchase a faucet you like. This creates an opportunity that a non-professional in the trades can convince a consumer to purchase a faucet that does not meet her needs. It isn’t because the customer is cheap that she purchased a product for her home. She would have purchase this product due to her plumber not fulfilling her needs.

Many plumbers have a formal education in the trades, others are self-taught and still others are multi-generational in the trades. This means it takes years to become a plumber. This means it takes an education plus experience to become a very good plumber that solves problems. Why would a plumber expect a home owner to know and understand plumbing good enough to diagnose a problem and or give you the solution to their problem?

Many customers may realize that their products can be replaced however many more do not realize how easy the products can be changed or what to choose. This prevents the customer from mentioning a new product to their plumber. It is the duty and responsibility of the plumber to give the customer information that allows the customer to make the right choice.

The thing that prevents the customer from making the choice to purchase a new product is directly due to the plumber. Whenever a customer uses price as an excuse the plumber becomes defensive. The plumber may not know they are defensive and offensive at the same time. The plumber’s first line of defense is to explain how difficult the job is. Then the customer thinks the job is tougher than it really is and that it may not be the right thing to do.

Listen to your customer and let your customer buy the way they want to buy. Ask for clarity when you do not know 100% what the customer means by their statements. Stop guessing what the customer means or wants. Start knowing what they want and mean. You will become surprised at how many of your customers will purchase your products when and if you offer them to your customer. Stop forcing your customers to go to outside sources to get what they want and need.

The plumber thinks the customer will not do the work due to the customer being cheap. It has nothing to do with the customer being cheap. It has everything to do with the way the product is presented to the customer. It is communicating in a positive manner that provides information that is relative and relevant to your customer.

Try presenting the faucet as high quality and then let the customer know how easy it is to operate. Then give information to the customer concerning how it fits her needs and what can be done with this faucet that is easier than her existing faucet. Show her the features and then give her the benefits the individual features provide her.

It is much easier to show the customer that the product is easy to install as you are the expert and have done this hundreds if not thousands of times. Mrs. Jones I hope you will not hold it against me that I have done this 100’s of times and it will not take very long at all. This provides information to your customer that you have in fact done this before and you are an expert and not to worry.

Start discovering why the customer is motivated to buy and you will enjoy an exciting ownership exchange of your products and services that gives your customer the opportunity to have a wonderful customer experience. Let the customer buy for their reasons and you will see a vast improvement with your company’s profit and referrals. Let the buyer buy for their reasons.
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