Start Influencing Customer’s Decisions Today


Start Influencing Customer’s Decisions Today

A natural condition that every human being seems to get caught up in with their daily lives is a routine. These are things that we do every day and in most cases at the same time of day. People seem to become comfortable with these things that they are completed without thought. They become natural actions and reactions.

When we allow a routine to settle in with our daily work routines it becomes a hindrance called I’ve always done it this way, a term coined by Paul Castain. The routine becomes policy or your guide to each and every person you come in contact with during your day. A system is good however when that system chains or binds you where you are no longer able to adapt or it is so stringent that is does not allow you to change up the system you decrease the opportunity to grow. It is essential that the system is interchangeable and the steps to success can be inserted at any time during the engagement with a customer.

Frequently a sales person is trapped with what they say and how they say it. This is especially true in the construction service trades. The service provider may say something that is simplistic and is straightforward to the point that it makes several misconstrued statements to a consumer.

Using the plumbing industry as an example a customer purchases an inferior product from a sales person at a home center. You know and understand as a plumbing professional that the product is inferior and will cause more problems in the future and it will not provide the level of service that the customer deserves. This brings you to the decision concerning how to inform the customer of a decision that is not in their best interest.

Before deciding on how to inform the customer you must first take consideration of what you know by the decision to own that particular product. Reflect on the fact the customer is fond of the appearance of the product. Contemplate other aspects of the product that the customer found important or interesting. A great question to ask the customer is; what do you like about this product? What do you like about this product that your old product did not give you? This will give you the opportunity to show and inform the customer about a product that you have that will give more than they anticipated along with better quality and a longer lasting life.

For years many plumbing professionals would become blunt with the home owner and speak freely and to the point. Mam that faucet you purchased is known for leaking and is a throw way product. It is a horrible product that will give you problems. Some plumbers would states that faucet is junk and I would not have it in my home.

The simple meaning is this is not a good faucet for you to own and I would like you to have something better. However what is actually transferred to the customer is you made a horrible decision. Are you stupid or what? Can’t you see that this is a junk faucet? You should have never purchased this product especially if you do not know what you’re doing or buying.

Understanding that people buy products and services for their own reasons and this indicates you must discover why the customer purchased this particular product. Discover why the customer purchased the product and you can align your product and services to their reasons. Compliment the customer on the appearance of their choice. Offer a product that is similar in appearance and higher on quality. Inform the customer on the durability and ease of use with your product versus the inefficiency of the product they chose.

The difference is; you are not telling the customer they made a horrible choice or decisions. When you tell a customer they make lousy decisions how you can ask the customer how he or she can make a good decision to use you to do the job. Will that also be a horrible choice? You are now giving the customer a better choice to make. A new decision that will better fit their lifestyle. Let the customer know they made a decent decision and now have the opportunity to make a better choice.

Decide today to start rephrasing your words that enhance and entice a customer to purchase from you. Start today using words that will engage your customer and turn them on while allowing them to tune in versus turning off. Understand it isn’t what you’re saying that turns people off. It is how you’re saying it that turns them off. It is time to change your routine and broaden your comfort zone to include a more effective way to communicate to your customer. Start enjoying amazing success while helping your customer make tremendous decisions.

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