Why you should not trust on line reviews

Why you should not trust on line reviews

We all want great on line reviews. We all want to keep our on line reputation at a high level. We all want honest reviews. We all want fair reviews. The problem with on line reviews is: the truth is used sparingly. Home owners are typically going to be one sided and owners of the company are going to be put in a defensive posture. I do understand the customer believes they are telling the truth. I understand that sometimes customers in general may say stuff truthfully however it may not be the truth.

Take a look at the dishonesty and understand why on line reviews cannot be trusted. (Customer)This company wanted 650 dollars for a disposal and Home Center installed a disposal for 250 dollars. This is my 3rd disposal. I live in a condo and have told management not to use this company in the future.

The only thing that is for sure is the home owner thinks cheaper equals better. It does not address the company’s professionalism; it does not address the company’s workmanship, skill, or knowledge. It does not reflect the differences between the 2 disposals. It does not address the simple fact this is the 3rd disposal that this customer has had to deal with now and in the past.

The only thing it addresses is one is cheaper than the other. This is supposed to hold credence with other people. Please explain to anyone how anyone could use this online review as a basis to choose anything other than cheapness? Does this address the differences between a steak and a cheeseburger?

Let’s take a look at the real issue. This customer’s inability to make the right choice when outside influences are involved and how their choice affects others in the condo is missing. The disposal she purchased was made of metal and will rust. While it rusts the chamber made of metal will rot away and create a leak. While it rusts the cutter blades will stop moving and start throwing food through the drainage system causing stoppages in the drain line and affecting every person in that condo that has their kitchen sink drain line located on that drain stack. The neither home owner nor home center has given thought to any of the neighbors that may have kitchen sewage draining into their sink or on their floor flooding their condo.

The more expensive disposal is made of stainless steel, powered glass and plastic housing. What this means is the cutter blades will not rust and will rotate easier increasing its ability to chop food up finer while decreasing the threat of stoppages. Another advantage of this higher price disposal is with the in house warranty. It has a 5 year warranty and an 8 year life expectancy versus 2 year warranty and 4-5 life expectancy. The customer was told of 2 other choices for longer warranties by this company, 1 a 10 year warranty and the other a lifetime warranty.

Now you can see and make your own judgment with all the information and know the truth was not expressed. There are a few things that are known for sure; the home center did not ask the right questions to sell the proper disposal. This happens due to the home center not having qualified people selling the products. The 2nd thing is the home center plumber did not inform the home owner of the different choices and what would work best for her now and in the future. The home center plumber did not think the home owner deserved to know she has better choices. Finally the home center, their plumber by holding back information gave the home owner 1 choice and that is choosing the cheapest product available. The home owner was forced to be cheap.

Another thing that should be expressed and is missed by this individual and readers of reviews is: why didn’t the plumber or home center think highly of their customer to discuss the different options and allow her to make the best possible choice? Why didn’t the other plumber or home center address the fact that this is her 3rd disposal in a short amount of time? The cost for 3 disposals is more than the cost for a better product. The bad review should be against the company and home center that did the work and not against the company that wanted to help her choose the right choice. Instead the home owner received exactly what she has had in the past and will happen again in the near future. Many people reading the reviews do not have the qualification, experience, or education to make a decision on what should have been given to this home owner and base decisions without the proper education. The decision is based on price and in most cases a horrible decision. When was the last time you purchased a quality item for less than you thought. Quality is not cheap.

Here is another review that is less than honest. A property owner paid for the cleaning of a kitchen and laundry drain line. The tenants clogged up another drain in the home 10 months later. For whatever reason this property owner thinks the plumbing company should lose money and warranty a separate problem caused by the tenant. When the plumbing company refused, this property manager/owner is trying to embellish the story by turning a kitchen and laundry stoppage into a whole house plumbing stoppage. They are calling the present condition a whole house stoppage and it is contained to 1 bathroom. The kitchen, laundry and another bathroom are draining fine at this time. Once again a property owner is complaining because they are irresponsible and do not want to spend their money. The plan is to try to put public pressure on this company to do it for free by using Google reviews as their means. How can you trust reviews that do not present truths? Why do these reviews places such as Google allow false reviews and not remove them when the truth is exposed? Why they are not held responsible to verify the claims prior to allowing them to be public fodder is inexcusable.


Why does the public believe the reviews? The reason is simple the public does not know any better. We as the public believe price is responsible even though we do not buy solely on price. Price is emotional and it touches every person’s mental state. All you would have to remember is; all the times you have purchased items for less only to return the product due to breaking down, losing color, tearing only to purchase the higher price product. For some reason this is forgotten when we the public read reviews.

Sometimes a review sounds good at the time. When all the facts are present you realize that decisions based on price only are not reliable or honest.


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