You Want What: To get other prices?


You Want What: To get other prices?

In a recent LinkedIn discussion that focused on How to prevent” I want to compare” which is the same as I always get 3 bids which is the same as I must speak to my partner/spouse which is like almost every other type of resistance that a customer will throw out there. I am blown away by how many of those that offered assistance gave advice straight out of the 1980’s. Almost all of the advice leans towards manipulation. The manipulation is to put the customer on the defensive about how they feel and why they feel that way. The questions designed to have the customer answer in ways that they agree with the proposal to avoid controversy or volleys back and forth defending their position.

No discussion on why the customer does not like the proposal all of the questions posed are to get agreement on a proposal that does not fit the customer’s dream. The salesman and those giving the advice want to place blame on price. The thought pattern is the customer is seeking a lower price.

This is the kind of garbage I am told by desperate sales people. Well you would be surprised at how many people choose the lower price. You do not understand it must and has to be the price that is their reason to choose someone else. This is what I state: It cannot possibly be that I did not listen to the customer. It cannot be that I did not give the customer what they wanted. It cannot possibly be that I give the customer what I thought they should have. It cannot possibly be that I did not include the customer with the solution and represented my thoughts. It cannot be that I did not understand exactly what they wanted. I could not be the problem it has to be the customer and their inability to understand what I am giving them. How could they be so ignorant not to choose me even at the higher price?

As sales people we always want to place blame on others. It must be the customer’s fault that they did not choose my solution. How about taking a different look from a different point of view and change that to what is in this proposal that is not our solution? Your questions should never put the customer into us against them or defensive posture. This is combative and demands that your customer must have concrete ideas to back up their decisions or choices. Why the customer wants what they do is the most important part of the equation. When you make a decision to batter them into submission you have lost even if you win the sale. Forget future sales and you can kiss referrals good bye.

When you receive this kind of resistance you have not gathered enough information. Of course there are some people who will purchase only on price or have a budget that they cannot go over. However these are few and far between and if you receive this frequently then you must take a look at why you are doing what you do, how you are doing it , and finally what you are doing.

Listen to the customer and discover what they are doing what they are doing. Why are they doing it today? Why did they choose you and why today? What is motivating their decisions? This is about your customers decisions and reasons to purchase not only the product but choosing you. Why would they possibly choose you to help them discover their dream?

As an example a person lives in the same house for 15 years or more. They have a master bathroom and it is the middle of the night. Why would they turn on the light to go to the bathroom? It seems obvious, so they can see where they are going. Why? They have lived there for 15 years or more are you seriously going to tell me they do not know where they are going? Are you seriously telling me they have not walked that route in the past and cannot remember what is in the way? Are you seriously thinking they do not know what direction the bathroom is in? What possible reason is there to turn the light on when they know the route to take? It is not so obvious after all.

You do not know the reason until you ask. Could it be that they are creatures of habit? They always do what they have done in the past? Could it be that they are taking medications that have affected their balance? Could it be they are not feeling well or just in a hurry? Could it be they were on a vacation and must take time to get back in their normal routine? There are many reasons and until we discover why we are guessing and most likely guessing wrong.

Ah but I am a great judge of character and I know people. That is why you are where you are. If you were that great of a judge of character all of the big companies would pay you huge amounts of money to pick their staff. Stop judging your customers and discover facts that present you with predictable behavior. You do this by asking the simple questions that discover what their buying process is and abide to that same process. You will start aligning your solution to the reason they want this done and how they want it done. This does not mean you blindly give the customers things that are not correct or proper. When you change things you must use their reasons as why this is a better way.

Take at a look at your selling process and learn to align it with your customers buying process and enjoy immense success with helping your customers. The best possible choice is not with choosing your products and services. The best choice is choosing you top help them through their buying process.

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