Thinking about Tomorrow While Running from the Past

Define successThinking about Tomorrow While Running from the Past
Selling to the consumer

It seems selling in the construction trades is taken for granted. It is every single owner’s fantasy to make higher profits. The dream is shattered when truth is on the ledger board. The hallucination and discussion tend to lean towards broken promises that give birth to lower profits while working longer and harder. Where ambition and aspiration once lived a dreadful nightmare opens the boulevard of broken dreams.

I need more customers in order to make ends meet. It is essential to gather more coins and have a traumatic impact on the bank roll. This leads to spending more than what is available in order to increase advertising to gain those few extra coins and customers. Your company is nipping at the heels of the big boys who seem to be raking in enormous bucks. In reality they are suffering as you are spinning round and round. The dollars spent to gain an advantage with customers is pennies on the dollar. The only difference is a larger quantity. Higher costs, more customers, will not always equate to higher profits and in most cases I am venturing a guess the profit is the same with more headaches.

The only thing that will eventually gain higher profits is to adjust behaviors. Otherwise you will reap the same results. You are not after the same results. You want greater results and a much higher return on your investment. So many helpers of businesses have this philosophy that you need to get on the train, move over or get run over. Quit hiding your head in the sand. This train has a revolving door at the caboose and people are jumping off the train at a high rate of speed.

During discussions with other service construction business owners I keep hearing big numbers that the competition is doing yearly. What do the big numbers really mean? When the number stands by itself it is useless. So you made 3 million dollars and spent 2.9 million. Not impressive at all. Tell me what your profits were and now we are able to get down to business. Statistics are made to not include the whole truth.

What is your billable hour? Who cares unless you are trying to brag? Sell 1000 dollars and install the material in 2 hours, what is your billable now? Sell 5000 dollar job and install it in 4 hours, what is your billable now? Still these numbers mean very little. When that 1000 dollars has 900 dollars in costs you can understand why numbers sometimes hide the truth.

How do you increase profitability without spending incredible dollars towards advertising and training? The only way to do this is with upselling and additional sales. Now comes the question of how do you accomplish this with minimal effort. It is essential that you make sense to your staff. It is not a get on the train, move or get run over. Discover a way to communicate with your staff and again it must make sense to them in order for them to buy what you are selling and asking him or her to do. It is much easier to influence your staff when you can paint a picture; this is how you do it and when you do this the result will be this.

Stop with the smoking mirrors discussing the customer’s chandelier hanging in the foyer. The customer knows you are blowing smoke and telling them the sun is shining. The technicians must feel their conversations are meaningful. They must feel that they are being sincere and not using gimmicks to get a sale for today. The technicians must be able to sleep at night without using manipulation to move a customer. The technicians must believe in the method.

Your staff must believe in the sales system. The sales system can no longer be do this because we said to do this. When you do this the result is this. Just do it. Many trainers have this attitude, quit asking questions and do this my way and start making money. This is not a viable reason to implement a sales system that has no backing from your technicians. By no means am I suggesting that your staff make the decision concerning what sales system you employ. You must employ a trainer that will make sense to your staff and this should drive their want to participate.

When a system is brought into a company frequently it is you need to get this and start working the system. The system is not understood. It cannot be understood in 2-4 days. The training is a starting point and must excite your staff to want to learn more. The excitement should be contagious. A light switch should turn on and light a raging fire to learn. Discover a trainer that will not turn their back on you once the training is done.

Why? The technicians will run into a brick wall and are not equipped to build a door that allows them to walk through it with their customer. During training you cover basics and typically not everything is covered. It is impossible to cover everything a customer may decide to toss at your sales staff. There is always learning after the training. Remember doing ride-along with others in your past, you only get to see the things that happen during the ride-along. As we all know Murphy’s Law; what can happen, will happen. Your staff will need access to more information to help them with things that may appear after the training. Your technicians are like your customers. They want to know why. Give them this information. You want more profits. No, that is not the answer to the “why”. That is the end result of the why.

When should the technician upsell or gain additional sales? Why should the technician upsell? How do they upsell or gain additional sales? When should you upsell? When should you sell additional tasks? At what time will this occur during the visit? How will the customer receive me trying to upsell or gain additional sales?

Over the next few blogs I will discuss when, why, and how to each of those questions and then you can present it to your staff in a way that makes sense. Most of us want customers that are ready, willing, and able. Doesn’t it make sense that our technicians must also be ready, willing and able? Want mutual trust and respect?

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  1. Well written Richard! Have a great day.

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