When should You Give your Customer an Option on their Product

When should You Give your Customer an Option on their Product

During a recent webinar a question was raised. When this question was raised and a discussion followed it was apparent that many plumbers misunderstand selling for the consumer. The question asked was: when do you ask for extras.

A beneficial and advantageous sales practice is to ask questions to gain clarity. I required clarity and asked what do you mean? Many of those that attended the webinar seemed to have the same question concerning when they should take action with sales. When I asked my question more than a few did not realize there is a difference between upselling and additional sales. Many of those in attendance did not know what to say or do.

Up-selling is having a conversation with a customer that in most scenarios the product can and will do more for the customer than the original product the customer wanted. As an example in plumbing; the customer has a 40 gallon water heater and you move them towards a 50 gallon or larger water heater. Up-selling will have a relationship with the original product or service.

Additional sales are defined as selling additional items other than the original product the customer wanted or needed. Using plumbing once again a customer that needs a water heater and you sell an additional repair or replacement of a faucet, water closet or any additional product that is not related to the original issue or product.

When is it the proper time to discuss up-selling to a customer?

The first thing to realize and always remember is you are not doing it to the customer. You will always up-sell for the customer. There is a huge difference between the 2.When you decide to sell for a customer you will start asking proper questions that will give you an indication how the customer intends on using the product. You then suggest and give your customer options for a better product that will help the customer accomplish the task in a more efficient manner.

When you sell to a customer you are selling products without discovering what else is required of the purchaser concerning the use of the product. You are selling to gain more money and using persuasion and manipulation in hopes the customer will buy products of more monetary value. The sole purpose is to increase your job ticket.

The questions you ask have a purpose. The questions are to gain information. The information you are after is how this product will be used. Who is using the product? How will they use the product? What else would the customer like this product to do for them while using it? How often is this product used? How important is appearance over function and ability? Ask the customer if they chose the product and if they have not chosen that product ask if they would like to pick out a different product? When you discover the customer purchased this product ask what they liked about the product that made them choose it? A couple of really good questions to ask is how you do like your present product or how do you feel about this product. All these questions have a sole purpose. That purpose is to discover information and gain clarity.

Each customer should receive this inquiry by you. Each customer deserves to make a choice of keeping the status quo or receiving a better product that will enhance their life. Each customer should receive options to decide whatever will meet or exceed their demands on this product. It is not your choice which product is what best fits their requirements. The only thing you know is the existing product is installed you do not know or understand why it was installed. You do not know how the customer is using it or if they are just getting by due to it being an existing product. How can you possibly make the right decision for the customer?trouble-making-decisions

Give your customer the accurate information to select the right choice and the correct product for their use. Start including your customers in the solution by asking questions and giving him or her ability to make a choice. Amazingly many of your customers have been denied this ability to make a decision that affects how and what they receive from the construction service industry technicians. Remarkably a greater number of customers will thank you for giving them the opportunity to make a choice and receive a better product that is designed to deliver on their requirements and demands of their products. Astonish your customers and start giving them what they want and deserve to have in their home.

When should you give the customer options to their issues? The answer is always. The time is now to give your customer’s the outstanding customer experience they deserve.


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