Customers and the opportunity for additional sales


Customers and the opportunity for additional sales

Last week the blog examined when you should ask for the upsell. Today the conversation and dialogue is when you should ask for additional sales. Sometimes additional sales are called cross selling or add on sales. The answer to this question is the same as the upselling. You should provide and present your customers the opportunity to accept additional sales with every visit that will enhance and make a difference with their lives.

There are numerous methods to examine how this should be accomplished. One of them and an incredibly good business practice is to complete an inspection of every home. The inspection accomplishes many things for the home owner and you. The first and most important gift the customer receives from you is the ability to examine and consider preventive measures. Very rarely will you encounter a customer that has budgeted for breakdowns in the home. The inspection can create a budget for your customer to make the necessary reapirs in the next 12 months. Frequently the breakdown is accompanied by SURPRISE. The inspection in all likelihood will prevent surprise failures.

Taking time to do the inspection allows you to review with the customer a plan for potential repairs that will become necessary in the next 12 months. The best thing is the customer can take care of these items prior to them becoming a major problem. This may help contain any potential property damage in the future. It can prevent the failure from happening at an inopportune time. This inspection can prevent the home owner from missing work in the future or sit at home waiting for you to arrive. There is no need to make 3-4 trips to the customer’s home in the next 12 months when you take care of al their issues today. It is much cheaper for the customer to take care of them today. It is also cheaper for your company. Each time you make a trip to a customer’s home it costs you x amount of dollars by taking care of all their issues today you now have 1 trip versus multiple trips saving trip charges and wear and tear on your vehicles and technicians.Selling-with-Substance

This gives the customer the opportunity to deliberate any concerns he or she may have with the products in their home with you the expert. The customer can decide to repair or replace the product with your help. This can be completed today or the customer can budget for the future. The inspection gives you the ability to understand how the home is working and how things were put together.

After your inspection have a conversation with your customer about their fixtures. Discover how well your customers like their existing products. Ask how they fell about them and if they picked out the product. When a customer picked out their product ask what they liked about it. This will give you information concerning their buying process. When the customer states they purchased the home with the products already installed ask them if they would like to pick out products that they would like. Ask questions to discover how the product is used or how they would like to use that product.

When your customer makes a statement you must know and understand what it means. Seek clarity at all times. What does I like it just fine mean? Do you suppose it could mean it is working however I would like to have a better looking or more functional product? You might ask if you could replace it what would it look like. I cannot afford it? If you could afford it what would it look like? Do you think that you could help set up a budget for her to afford a product that she wants?

A fantastic result created by discussing preventive measures is when the potential problems do happen they are not a surprise. The customer is expecting it to fail and should be ready to move on it .When you do an inspection and discuss your findings the customer has a decision to make. The decision to make is: a repair or replace the product. When your customer likes the products that are existing preventive measures in all likelihood will extend the life of their product and catch premature failures before they happen.

It is essential to hold a conversation with the customer that is used for discovery. During this time you will discover if the customer likes their product or if they want to replace the product. There is no reason to spend a lot of time on repairing the product when the customer is not fond of the existing product.

You should always price up options for your customer. The options should include a repair and a replacement. You may want multiple replacement options. Your options should align to the customer’s reasons to move forward. Forget your reason why things should get done. It does not matter until the customer asks you what you think.

Your customer will thank you for the inspection. They will thank you for taking the time to discuss with them preventive measures. The customer will thank you for caring about them. Your customer will thank you for doing things that no other service provider has given them in the past. The customer will receive over the top service and an excellent customer experience.


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