I Have To Think About It

customer-positive-experience-19199979I Have To Think About It

Here are excerpts from a forum thread concerning I have to think about it. The stuff below is ok until you start adding all of the garbage up to come to a final conclusion that this is a very unprofessional way to present and represent you.

Notice all of the upper case words that indicate screaming or obnoxious statements made in a sarcastic tone. Notice how some of the sentences belittle the customer and berate them into making a decision. Notice how this person will place blame on the customer and try to force a decision. This person does not realize that the customer has doubts about the sales person and his company and it is not about the solution or price.

The solution is not in doubt. What is necessary is not being deliberated. How it must be fixed is not in question. I doubt very much that price is the major concerned. Nothing in the next 8 paragraphs addresses the real problem. The problem is the sales person did not address why the customer should have him do the job. This person did not drive the want to use them to make the right choice.

The very first paragraph speaks of the negative sale. The idea is to put pressure on the customer concerning the dangers, disaster, horrible choice of not moving forward.

“I used to sell franchises. We did a negative sale… Over the course of 3 hours we said “If you are approved and accepted”, you will be able to make $$$$$ by purchasing our franchise..but only if you are approved.

Thinking about it could “cost you the opportunity”.

Everyone that paid was accepted.

If some one says “I NEED to THINK ABOUT IT”, its highly likely you did not address their concerns,qualified them properly, or offer a realistic return on investment/payback (as others have suggested).
I would suggest to the prospect that ” decisions are best made when the information is at hand”. Well, I am here, the info is at hand so what concern did I NOT ADDRESS? If there were none, then YOU HAVE TO GROW SOME CONJONES. Well then, what do you have to think about? Decisiveness is a leadership quality. Push them to decide. How about this, How about you sign the deal and you just think about …the benefits you gain from our program.
A landlord had his sewer back up. During a video inspection of the system, the camera went into a black hole. Mr. landlord- the repair is $18,000 and we need you to sign now to fix this.
LL- I need to think about it. I need to ask my wife.

Look Mr. landlord- YOUR tenant is up to his ankles in Sh!t. He has 2 kids. The sewage is going into the neighbor’s yard. What is there to think about? Sir, you need to meet your contractual obligation to your tenant and also prevent further costs by getting this done now. Sign here and we’ll get instant approval with Bank of Mike.

That’s too much money…..Sorry Mr landlord, you called us out. We came here in an emergency, the ONLY thing to think about is knowing you did the right thing by fixing this now.
Sign here.pressure

Closing is NOT carnival barker stuff. At some point in time a great salesman will hold his prospects feet to the fire- Sir, I have presented all the numbers and you have agreed all along. You had issues we addressed and you agreed to our solution. Now its time to finalize….. If you let him think about it, your competition will jump on him.

As a final suggestion to all with the passive approach- go into a job interview with a CEO and tell him you prefer a passive approach to closing.Do you think you will get the job?
End of Quotes
The very first paragraph speaks of the negative sale. The idea is to put pressure on the customer concerning the dangers and disaster of not moving forward. Build a frenzy that does not allow the customer to think and then apply the pressure on them to buy now.

The 2nd paragraph and first sentence is spot on and then they ruin it by pressing the information that they gave the customer. We have already discovered the information given was not the proper information. The customer did not have a problem with the solution or price they have a problem with why should you do the job. There is no information concerning this and how can the customer make the right choice without the right information. Forcing the customer to make a decision based on the wrong information will produce lousy results. Then the sarcastic approach how about this how about you sign this and think about the benefits of our program.

How can the customer think about the benefits when he has doubts about you and your company doing this job? How about this: the customer does not trust or respect you to do the job correctly. How about you do your job in a better way and give the customer information that will allow them to make a decision about you and whether you can do the job?

Then when the customer shows resistance the sales person applies more pressure. By implying if they do not do it now the people staying in the home and the neighbors will live with misery. You must do this now so sign here. It is telling the customer they are betraying their beliefs and are bad people. Then the salesperson tries to belittle the customer and tell him what his duties are and if you sign here we can take the deed to the home and hold it over your head for payment. Stop being stupid and sign here.

This guy is right closing is not carnival stuff. It is not about smoking mirrors and blowing smoke. Selling is not a might is right attitude and strong arming a customer into making a good choice. None of this garbage is necessary if and when the sales person presents their solution properly and includes the customer. You must express the idea that you are capable of doing the job.

If this guy came to my home I would show him the door quickly. I am pretty sure you would have to call the law to remove him from your property. The problem is this guy has zero clues what he is doing wrong or why it is wrong. It is something he has done since the 80’s. Again the solution and price is not the issue. In the situation there is only 1 way to take care of the problem and this means the solution is rock solid and everybody knows it but the sales person. The concern is with the sales person and his ability.

Why do people have this belief that if you are not ignorant and obnoxious that the closing is passive? How is closing a sale passive? Why is doing the right thing consider soft? I am not sure giving your customer all of the information to base their decision is passive. The concept is simple and basic, give information to the customer and allow him or her to make a commitment and consent to a natural conclusion to use you.

Here is a good practice to rid yourself of the reluctance of I have to think about it: This is before you present price.

Mr. Landlord when we first started talking you told me why you called our company could you tell me again why you called us? If I remember correctly Robert asked you to call and ask for me didn’t he? Why did he ask you to call and ask for me? That is true I take care of problems. We are problem solvers and get rid of your problem. Would you like to know why more people use me for this type job?

Mr. Landlord what else did Robert tell you? Did he tell you about the time he used another company and what happened? We do not want that to happen to you? How should we proceed today? Still getting reluctance, do not give price. You want a commitment to do the work before giving price.

Mr. Landlord you do realize what can happen if you do nothing? Can you tell me? What else do you think will happen if you allow this to go on for several days? When we take care of this everyone can go back to their normal life. This will be a thing of the past and you will not have to worry about this for a very long time. What do you think Mr. Landlord? What do you think we should do about this?

During your upfront information gathering time you should be asking if this type thing has ever happened in the past. Then you want to ask what was done to remedy the problem and what the outcome of that was. It is at this time that you ask the customer how they found you and why they called you today.

You have already discovered they have used other companies in the past .That begs another question to be answered and that is why are you here. Find out why he called you. What is the driving force to have you? Discover why he did not call the other people he has had in the past? When he asks you why reply I want to make sure I do not make the same mistake.

You will want to discover how long they will keep the property, how they keep the property up, if there are tenants you want to discover if they like the tenants, if the tenants have paid on time and are good tenants. These things will help you determine how serious this person is with getting things done quickly. When you get ready to present your solution those things will become reasons for you to do the job. Align his or her reasons to get the job done with your solution and you will find price is way down on the long list of reasons to get the job done by you.

Never lead your presentation of the solution with price as you set the tone for a price only presentation. This leaves you open for I have to think about it, I need to talk it over, your price is too high, or man that is high. Of course it is high when you give no other reasons to use you and your company. The customer does not have faith that you can take care of them and do it properly. You must gain cooperation and commitment forming an allegiance with the customer to use you. Give your customer positive reasons to make the right choice and start having enjoyable ownership exchanges.

All CEO’s will want positive results that produce higher profits by closing more sales at a much higher percentage. They all want a successful long term relationship with customers that deliver exceptional customer service and an even better customer experience. Start closing 8 out of 10 indecisive customers versus 1 out of 10 and start enjoying the sales process and the customers buying process. Force always comes to a dead stop.


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