I Want More than Satisfaction Guaranteed.

I Want More than Satisfaction Guaranteed.

“Right market means higher prices. DON’T target clientele that have little money. To justify the highest prices, go after the people that can afford it. It’s all well and good to help those in need. We should all do that. But there’s a point where we need to make a living. Do good, but let’s make some money too. You can help the poor more if you charge more in other places, and your social enterprise efforts will only gain you greater respect in your community, and that in itself will generate more business”.

Does this sound familiar to you in the construction service trades: Target customers that can afford your services, don’t target clientele that has little to no money, or go after people that can afford your services? I’ve heard to justify your higher prices go after high end customers.

What a line of garbage. When has a high income meant a sale will move forward? Tell me what would a high dollar amount look like to market to in the construction services? This is not like high end automobiles, high end restaurants, or high end jewelry stores. What does your ideal client look like?

My ideal client is a client that appreciates value. I find it essential to describe value and determine more closely my ideal client. Value is outside of the product and price. It is what I or you bring to the client in the form of service, information given, information gained, and conversations with the customer. It may include service after the sale or giving referrals for other types of services the customer may need or want.

Wealth accumulated rarely has anything to do with the description of value. I have had extremely wealthy people refuse to spend what they should in order to fix what is not working properly or replace the poorly working product. Conversely I have had more people above average, average and below average income realize and understand value and the importance of it for them and their families.

When you limit your company marketing to above average and up income you greatly divorce yourself from higher profitability and success of your company. It is correct that some people will never be your customer. The wealth or non- wealth of your customer is not a good indicator of your likely customer.Actions speak

Frequently value based and riven companies are not marketing to the customers that appreciate value. Their website or other advertising does not match their actions. Your words must match your actions for people to get what you would like them to commit to and believe. Listing a dirt cheap price to do work is opposite of value driven and based. Giving stuff away on your advertising gives the idea that you are cheap. This does not indicate that you must give up giving free stuff away. Advertising no over time charges does not state empathically that you are value based and driven. Start matching your words with your actions. What do you do that states to the customer you are value driven and worth more than your competition?

Stop justifying your pricing. Your pricing should never need excuses to validate or rationalize your costs. What do you deliver to your customer that separates you from all the others? Stop passing your problems to the customer your costs of doing business are your problems not the customers. What is your policy concerning service that is over the top? How do you enhance the customer experience? How far will you go to give your customer better than satisfaction guaranteed?

When I am satisfied I can define it as ok. I do not want just ok. My customers demand more than OK. Your customers want to be more than just ok. Ok means tolerable, acceptable, or satisfactory think that is ok? When is good enough good enough for you or your family? No wonder many must give excuses for their price.

Our products are our products. Every company can produce equal products. They are not exclusive. Our products are a commodity. This is why your service, service after the sale, and the customer experience must be over the top.

Your ideal customer should expect more than what they are used to getting. Give it to them and you will see more of your customers saying when should we start versus why so much. You want to know how to stop receiving objections, reluctance, and resistance from your customers? Start giving them an exceptional customer experience with enhanced communication. This communication should include why the product failed, how to prevent it from failing again, and what you propose to do about it.

Discover your customers buying process and then align your proposal with how they buy. When you do this you will discover what the customer perceives as value. Discover how the customer bases his or her decisions to buy. Let the customer buy for their reason and not yours. The majority of the time you will find the customer is not buying for your reason.
Increase your ability to market to a larger crowd by influencing decisions with value that is real and valuable. Start matching your words with your actions and watch your income grow exponentially. Do what you say and say what you do. Create a brand that matches your value statement.


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