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What does Peace of mind look like? How do you define or portray peace of mind? What is significant enough to be classified as peace of mind? How do you know it is significant enough to have the label of peace of mind? What do you imagine the customer is calling peace of mind? Peace of mind in sales is defined as the absence of mental stress or anxiety.

I was asked a very good question by a plumber. His question is how he could describe peace of mind to a customer without using that exact verbiage. This poses many questions. How do you know the customer is experiencing peace of mind? Another question I asked was; do you do an inspection of their plumbing system and talk about preventive measures? Is there information passed to the home owner concerning their plumbing system and how they can maintain the system and fixtures. The answer was no. I then asked how you are delivering peace of mind. What constitutes peace of mind?

This raised another good question and concern, many plumbers state they deliver peace of mind what if anything is it they really deliver? It may be a relaxed idea that the problem they were experiencing has disappeared. However it cannot cover their entire plumbing system or whatever system you are providing peace of mind to the customer. Keep in mind what you the technician believes is peace of mind most likely is not what the customer believes peace of mind is. Attending to 1 issue in the customers home or business cannot deliver peace of mind. Peace of mind might include knowing who to call and that you will be available to take care of them when they do call. What happens when they do call and you are busy and cannot attend to their needs? What then?

Peace of mind has many points to ponder and has many definitions. To discover how a customer defines peace of mind you must ask the customer. Your point of view is not relevant. A simple question that trades people seem to ask their customer frequently is; do you have any other item that needs attention. When the customer states no it is somehow believed that peace of mind has been achieved.

How will that question deliver peace of mind? It takes years to become an expert in any trade profession. The customer lacks the education and training that you have received. Yet we expect the customer to diagnose problems or the start to a major problem that will occur in the near future. A good business practice is to give the customer an inspection. Check all of their products that apply to your profession. Adjust for free those things that you do not want to charge for and the customer decides that they can live with without affecting their lifestyle. Then make it a point to discuss preventive measures. These preventive measures can be taken care of now but definitely will have to have some attention in the next 12 months. When the customer cannot take care of them immediately help them set up and budget with a time limit. Set the appointment for a few weeks or months or at least ask for permission to make contact with them on a specific date. Then follow up. At times sales people in the trades pretend that they care in order to make the sale and when you do not follow up on recommendations you have made you do not care and worse yet you do not believe the products do not require attention.

I have a customer that has a water heater located in the middle of their home. If the water heater were to leak it would have immense potential damage to the home. It was quickly approaching the average life expectancy for water heaters. For 3 years in a row I would ask if he was ready to address the water heater. For 3 years he said not yet. The 4th year he met me in the driveway and asked me if I was going to talk with him about the water heater. I made the statement we already are and he replied lets change it out. Customers appreciate consistency and persistence.

It is always advantageous for the customer to be proactive versus reactive. The benefits for a customer to be proactive far outweigh the benefits to be reactive. The first thing is to take care of potential issues before they happen. Second they save money when they can choose to do it at their own choosing versus after hours or weekends. The customer can budget for an expense versus having a surprise waiting for them when they arrive home from work or wake up in the morning.

When peace of mind is defined as absence of mental stress or anxiety passing information concerning the possibility of their products failing definitely decreases the potential of the customer stress and anxiety. They know what is going to happen in the near future. The customer will be prepared and will remember you for expressing those concerns to him or her.PeaceOfMind 2

Increase your ability to give your customer peace of mind by giving them more information than any other service provider has done before. Help your customer by letting them know and understanding their systems. Let them know you are in your parking lot waiting for them to call. You are there for him or her. Make it easy for the customer to reach you. Increase your effective communication painting a vivid picture that allows the customer to imagine ownership. These are things that peace of mind looks like.


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