Chronic Illness and the Weight of Depression

People are faced with chronic diseases all over the world. I am not sure how quickly in most cases another disease creeps in and start to take over their reality. This new disease is aided and perpetuated by negative people that have no clue of right or wrong. Do not get me wrong these negative people are not the cause and really have very little to do with the lingering effects.

This little disease is called depression. The depression has a way to take your focus from your reality and create a sub culture that induces an alternate reality caused by fear. I wish I could help you with clinical terminology however I cannot. I can only give insight to what this has caused me to feel an emotional burden that was not reality but in mind created an alternate reality of missing and losing out.

I never have had a why me attitude. Things happen and you deal with it and overcome. The depression in my estimation is a fear of loss. In this case I have a great wife, 3 wonderful children, and a fantastic granddaughter. My imagination raced into the future to what I believed I will miss. Nothing in the prognosis has pointed to anything I may miss in the future. There are no guarantees that I will be here tomorrow or you for that matter. My attitude and fight is on winning this battle however the battle of depression had me forgetting that I have a different battle that will be won.

In the past week with help from numerous people including my wife Suzy we discovered together that the depression was trying to take over. I am truly inspired by a new religious wakening and believing that everything that has transpired has done so according to a grand plan. At this point I am not sure what that grand plan is. It could be to write this blog for others, to explain how a miracle caught the disease, or if I am to do something else with our lives. Once the secondary disease is /was realized now we can effectively take the disease depression and place it in the trash can where it belongs. This week I can say we have taken the first step to real recovery and peace.

Surrounding yourself with positive people that will help you grow is the first thing to build. I am very lucky that we have some of the best friends on the planet. I owe my gratitude and would like to give a shout out to those who have been an inspiration to me. My immediate family is awesome. My sisters and brothers have become a beacon to me even though we have many miles between us and have had hot and cold relationships. Family is family and when called upon and have stepped up to the plate. We have found spiritual guidance through The Shore Church and TJ among many other members. Bill the Plumber and especially Bill for his support. I have gained immense inspiration from an unlikely character. Without her we would never have caught the disease as early was we did. Her name is Km Bociek with Acupuncture Physicians Group. She has a machine called an acugraph. This measures your energy levels. I had several visits with low energy with my colon area. Her scans convinced me to set an appointment for a full physical that discovered problems. My whole purpose to visit Kim was my wife and how Suzy felt after treatments. Call it what you want however I am going to maintain that it was a miracle from God that he worked through Kim. I am not sure if Kim is religious or not, we have never discussed religion with exception to this past week where I told her she was an instrument.

Recently I spoke with a guy that immediately started to tell me about 2 people he has known that have passed away in less than a month and another who was told to celebrate Christmas early. In the past I would have called this person an insensitive idiot and some other choice names. With what we have learned I just shook my head and stated that I was sorry to hear that. All I can do is offer my support to him that he learns to become a better person with a much better understanding dealing with people should separate myself from this person however he needs more help than I do spiritually. Sometimes you do need to allow those negative people into your space to get them the help that they need. If refused then you must set them free and get them away from your freedom.

I am relatively sure that we all need help to get away from depression. Never be afraid to gain and receive the help that you deserve. Depression can create a separate reality if it is allowed to fester and grow. Choose the right people to listen to and have in your life. Celebrate the people that inspire you.


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