Surrender your Past for a New Present

Don't give up

Surrender your Past for a New Present

As some of you by now understand during the past few months our lives have been life changing. At times it has been exhausting, challenging, and tedious stretches that could become a distraction towards normal life and at other times exceedingly emotional. To date we have been able to place a handle on the change with great effort. I am extremely happy and grateful that we have not had to do this on our own.

The supporting cast we have is immense. They have helped in ways that we cannot express. With all of the close support it is extremely important to have strangers in our lives that have become part of the supporting system. I know from experience that we would have never been able to diagnose an issue without a stranger among the supporting cast. People that are close to a situation sometimes have a difficult time separating what is real from what looks like it is real. Once it became a reality for us and me it became easier to contain and defeat.

There are a lot of terrific places such as Center for Building Hope located in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. This is an all-volunteer facility that is specifically for cancer patients and victims. They give aid to care givers to help them on this journey. The volunteers are special people that have generous and caring ways that spread mercy to every individual that walks through their doors. The Center for Building Hope can only do so much and they do so very much. Sometimes more is necessary.

I went in search of Christian Faith based support system in Sarasota, Florida. My faith is what has propelled me to where I am now. I could not locate a Christian Faith Based source via the local community or an on line presence. Next I started to contact local churches to discover what they were doing or could do. Many churches do not have the facilities to offer this kind of support. Still many others do not have the experience and ability to work or communicate with people that have or are living in a situation where they may be terminal or having problems that affects every day living. There are so little resources for these churches to educate themselves or discover just how to speak to people that are sick, in a huge depression, or a disease that they will always carry for the rest of their lives, which could possibly end up being the death of that individual.

I cannot express in words how important our faith has been for and to us. Without our faith each of us individually would not be as strong collectively. We were able to gain strength by asking for help from Jesus. We were able to gain guidance by asking for it and calmness quickly overcame us in times of deep questions and during the emotional out bursts. It is impossible to understand how comforting the word of God is until your faith is tested and grows stronger.

I have learned so much over the past few months and am grateful for the opportunity to have learned what I have in such a short time. In the past I allowed others to convince me that my faith should be hidden from others so they would not be offended. What a huge mistake. When you allow business and greed to determine your faith there are more issues than faith being placed in a closet? I understand that our actions and words should align with one another and that should show people our faith. That is not enough; this does not mean you must preach to another person about your faith. Your faith is not a wall to hide behind. When people have a problem with your faith it is not you that has the problem it is them and they must learn to deal with their problem. You can help, however it is not your job to hide your faith so you do not offend him or her. I found I need my faith and it did not abandon me when I needed it the most.
John 4.14 But the water I give them, he said, “becomes a perpetual spring within them, watering them forever with eternal life”.

I have a passion to organize a support system for people in need. At times I understood I wanted to speak to someone and just talk, other times I just needed a hug, and still at times I just needed someone to listen. I also understand we are affected by our past with what we have seen, what we have heard and what we have done. With this knowledge we can help you discover spiritual joy and healing. What I did receive from quite few of my friends were scriptures that were sources of inspiration that I could relate to in those scriptures. With the grace of God guiding us we will have success and inspiration.

1 Corinthians 3.22-23: They lifted me up and placed me on top versus on the side of the road. He has given you all of the present and all of the future. All are yours, and you belong to Christ, and Christ is God’s.

Something that is of great importance to me, this is Christian Faith Based and it is not my problem if you are opposed to religion or you are not a Christian. Opposing Christian beliefs and core values is your issue. You are welcomed to attend and participate in a positive manner. However if you would like to have spiritual support this is where you will have the opportunity to discuss Christian events that are relevant and important to your spiritual wellbeing. Let us get involved. It is essential to get involved and help others who have discovered themselves in the same kind of situation I found myself involved in the past to modify the future.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are no longer in control, your life has changed drastically and you find yourself not adapting to the change and you need to talk. Please do not hesitate to reach out and connect with me. I want to share my Christian Faith and if I cannot guide you there are 2 ministers that are graciously willing to help. Together we can ask God to help and if we listen we will know where to go. When you need to speak you can contact me through my web page email, phone, or Skype with me. I would love to have the ability to start a local community support group. We have a place to start. Soon we will have a Facebook page.

Please feel free to share this with your blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn account or any other account to reach as many people as we can reach. Thank you so very much for reaching out and supporting those in need.


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