Complacency is what will stop you


Complacency is what will stop you

Recently I have started to get back in the groove and rejoining the past to make a better future. I wish there was a magic bullet that I could give to you that would guarantee success. Your success is determined by your resolve and what you decide is the cost to you to increase and enhance your ability.

Here are some things I am sick and tired of hearing from lesser minds. Sales training is unethical and involves sales people taking advantage of the consumer. Listen to you excuses people. In any sale your ethics, honesty, and integrity is on the line. It has nothing to do with any other person’s ethics, honesty, and integrity. When your thoughts mirror the action than the chances are you are unethical, lack honesty, and have misplaced integrity. The sales model will not make a difference. Otherwise your excuses are like a bucket with holes and leaking all over the ground as you walk.

You make the decision concerning ethical boundaries with your sales efforts. You make the decision to mislead or misguide a consumer to a wrong decision. You control the information you give to your customer. You decide if the information is right and proper and gives the customer the best possible choice to move forward. A good man’s mind is filled with honest thoughts; a crooks mind is crammed with lies.

Another area that drives failure is the idea that you are defeated before you begin. Quote such as these ;In my area: the people are depressed ,many people unemployed, you cannot get that kind of money for this or that job, you’re ripping off the consumer, that is cheating the consumer, we can’t get that amount, my customers would see right through you. That indicates another person is using unethical behavior and manipulation. Then you have the owner that cannot resist spreading rumors that just are not true and half stories of how they know a company that did this or that without knowing exactly what was done. Stop blaming others for your inability to make a decision to try something different. Stop accepting that you are defeated before you start. To learn you must be willing to be taught.

You are standing on promises, accomplishing the impossible. Are you guided by the word or are you guided by the limitations of your own hind sight? Will the end result guide your efforts or will you help your customer make the right decision? At times each of you is called to exhibit self-control and stop trying to justify your every deed and take a look at the motives you employ.

Here are 2 goals that can help you keep track: They are wisdom, which provides you with knowing and doing right and the second is common sense that fills you with energy. With wisdom you will have good judgment. Wisdom knows where to find knowledge and understanding. With these things you can set a fire that you cannot contain or control.
The knowledge that is gained from listening and communicating effectively with others is amazing. There is a time where things just click and you start to understand exactly what the other person means by their words. Frequently customer’s words and actions are not the same and that is when you must confirm what the exact meaning is.

There is many times where I have discovered confusion with the communication. In my mind everything is clear however my mind is not the one that must be more than satisfied. Typically at this time I am wondering what is going through the mind of my customer then I realize the information I have given is not complete due to the knowledge I have that I did not communicate with the customer. This information I automatically think should be understood and is omitted.

Still other times the sales person will omit choices that should be presented to the consumer. There is this thought process that the consumer did not ask for it, obviously they do not want it. You are the professional and have had training for years to spot difficulties that the customer may face or is facing. The customer does not have the training that you possess and that by itself should be a red flag that they need your advice. You must be willing to share your gift with your customer.

Start talking with your customer. Share information that is important and align the customer’s reasons to own to your solution. Listen and hear exactly what the customer is stating and meaning by confirming what you have heard. This will lead you to a more enjoyable day and enhance both your professional and personal life.

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  1. Richard,
    Your spot on as always.

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