Spiritual Awakening: revealing look at how faith calms the storm


Spiritual Awakening: revealing look at how faith calms the storm

Since October of 2013 when I was diagnosed with cancer I have acquired a great deal more information about myself. Some of the stuff that has been absorbed has revealed a different and unique perspective of my strength, resolve, and weaknesses. It has also uncovered new respect for today and less worry about tomorrow. I have also given a lot of thought to some of the things I do not understand that happens from time to time. Since the Lord is directing our steps why try to understand everything that happens along the way? I always wondered why I stayed where I am employed. I have learned not to worry or try to explain some of the things that happen. There are things that just happen and are not in any persons control and the explanation in time God will disclose. I now know the reason for my relationship with my employer and it is perfectly clear to me. I have tears of joy that we are together and we are strength for one another.

I always thought of myself as a resilient determined individual that would certainly not allow anything to stand in my way of success. There was a thought that I was in control of my destiny and a thought I controlled my time and in total control of the success that I and my family have enjoyed. I thought the events that happened in my life were the cause of careful planning. There was a road map to success designed by my wife and me. There is this idea that each of us creates the good fortune that leads to positive engagements in our lives and are controlled by our actions.

I found out I am not in control of anything in my life. The only things I control are the choices I make. Our destiny is preordained. The choices we make will determine how successful our destiny plays out. If your profession depends on the weather you have no control over the weather. If my profession relies on customers then my ability to influence the customer will rely on the customers’ ability to understand and accept my presentation and proposal. I do not and cannot control the customer. I can make different choices to present a solution to the customer. You can use any argument to try and manipulate your ability to control your destiny however God has the final say on the outcome each and every time. By the way he already knows the outcome before you attempt.

Thinking about tomorrow while running from the past holds us from living in the present. I am one that believes our past is our past and we need to let the past go. Most people do have a history and that history controls actions in the present and future. These actions can be changed by replacing the source that you receive information that guides your actions. It is extremely difficult to change on your own you will need to ask for assistance. In my mind I can ask my wife and children to help me change however I need a higher power and for me that is God. I need to ask God for assistance. I must first give myself completely to God.

Some people think you are weak for believing and trusting God. I am here to tell you that we as people are weak and must ask for help. I have discovered just how weak I am and it happens on a daily basis. I live in a world that is uncertain and at times I find myself in a place that I need some type of self-control. At times it feels like I am over whelmed and at those times I take a walk with Jesus and am more at ease. There are times I feel as if my heart is broken. My heart is not broken for me, but broken for my wife, children, and granddaughter and some people I encounter during the day. What keeps me going is: All the special gifts and powers from God will someday come to an end, but love lasts forever.

I am finding out just how weak I am as an individual. However, when I ask for strength and guidance for my faith and my emotional well-being I immediately receive comfort that calms the storm. There is a roadmap for your life and mine. Your road map and mine are completely different than Gods plan for you or me. He has given you all of the present and all of the future. All are yours. You are given things in your life when you are ready to receive. Sometimes it is difficult to accept the things we are given and the reality is that we/you are strong enough to handle the gift good or bad.

I receive comfort from reading the word of God. There are many scriptures that give me hope. I will be comforted and when I believe, all things are possible here or in the eternal life. The scriptures are full of pleasant and calming words that enhance living and your soul. I have found many scriptures that talk about uncertainty that bring me back to the certainty of today. I wish I could express in words that would articulate exactly how the scriptures make me feel. To say that they bring me to a place of fulfillment and thankfulness for the full life that I have lived is not enough. I am at a point where I cannot imagine having more in my life. It is an amazing feeling that overwhelms me that I have had the opportunity to have experienced what I have in my lifetime.

Pick a chapter to read and honestly devote time to understand how the word is placed in your life. You will discover that the scriptures do relate to your life and daily living. I would strongly suggest starting reading Proverbs, Chronicles, or Psalms and be amazed at how relevant they are to you in this day and age. It really does not matter what versions you read whether it is a new translation or an older version. Find a person to discuss what you are reading. It helps to discuss what you are reading to gain a clearer vision and understanding.

I am a man without a plan for the future and that is exactly how I should have played it from day 1.This does not mean that I/we or you do not plan for your future what it means is not to place everything you do towards the future. You must live today like no one is watching and everybody is watching. Always do what is good and righteous and live for today. When your child has something to do today make sure you are there to witness it for him or her. Enjoy your today and allow laughter to rule you world.

My faith has allowed me to look positively at what is happening. It astonishes me the sheer number of people that have affected my life and the reciprocal effect with me in their life. There is a certain calmness and confidence that has opened a new doorway with customers, co-workers, and in general people that I am fortunate to connect with on a daily basis. My passion and resilience resonates with people giving them a renewed sense of value with their core beliefs. It has been nothing short of remarkable and mind blowing at the same time. Something I have discovered and that is when people have a problem with what I believe it is their problem and not mine. These people are negative influences in any person’s life and must be removed from affecting others negatively. At times I would say this is the best of times with what has come about and then at times it is staggering and surreal. With faith life is less intense and more fulfilling.

Spiritual Awakenings is a faith based group that is here to let others know that you are not alone. We are here to help encourage, listen, and at times give a hug whether it is a virtual hug or face to face hug. We have a couple of churches and ministers that are willing to help plus a few other mentors. When you are struggling, need a life changing moment, facing uncertain circumstances please do not hesitate to contact me or others that will be on board. We have started a Facebook Page for people to contact us through, plus my web site and blog. The Facebook Page URL is https://www.facebook.com/Spiritual.Awakenings.Ministry?ref=hl


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