Due to recent circumstances I have had the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective. That perspective is as an observer. While observing, something that I have noticed that I did not notice in the past when I visited sales sites, sales forums, or Industry specific internet sites or networking events is the lack of clarity with statements by professionals that should be in charge of the sale or job. This includes professionals I have had the opportunity to work with in the past and I have had the opportunity to participate and interact at trade shows and other events.

I am amazed at the ambiguity of some of their statements. Some of these professionals are trying to make a point with their statements and when that statement is questioned, answered, or someone replies to the statement another definition defining the original statement arises that changes the content of their original statement. It is followed by I meant to say this versus what came across. When there is ambiguity and confusion with your peers, imagine the confusion the customer will encounter that has less knowledge of the product, service, or sales skill. You are what you practice.

I have a networking partner that barked orders at me and she had very little idea how it came across. The first thing that went wrong, her information was worded improperly. She demanded things done versus asking if something was completed. Her statement was that there was a commitment to a time and date to complete a task she wanted completed. There was no commitment to a date however the action was agreed upon to take place soon. She may have thought she set a date however the week she thought she set up happened to be a week that could not be used due to health reasons. This person decided to argue and debate verse trying to discover exactly what was happening. Having to get the last word is never a good way to try and influence any person. When you treat peers in this manner you turn them off. When people treat their peers this way they also treat customers this way when they are perceived to be inferior. Imagine what a customer is also feeling. They are feeling pressure and confusion which leads to a let’s get away from this person mentality.

When a customer is unsure of your meaning it may cause a problem moving forward. A customer will not stop you and say they do not know what you mean or if you could state it a different way. They will not say how you mean. They may even shut down. Worse yet they may say get out of here and use the competition.

Your job is to discover information. The information you want to discover:
1. Has this happened in the past
2. What was done if it has happened in the past
3. What would the customer like to happen today
4. Why did they call me
5. Why they did not call the person that was there before
6. What is it they really want
7. Confirm everything you have heard
These are some of the things you want to discover. Now it is time to give the customer information concerning their solution. You will want to align your solution to the customer’s reasons to get things taken care of and today. Combine those 7 questions with other questions that show the customer that you care about their issues and solving those issues.

When the underlining task is how your company can make profits the most important aspect is forgotten and left behind. That aspect is listening and communicating that brings information and knowledge to the customer and you. When you help the customer gets what they need and want you will eventually get what your company requires.

Decide today to start gaining clarity with your conversations and have a common goal with your customers, co -workers, and family. Leave the ”what ifs” on the other side of the choices and confirm the I need it. Drive clarity over ambiguity and allow the customer to win every time.

Practice Better Business


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