Good Intentions are not always good.

Good intentions

It never ceases to amaze me the main issue with sales in the construction industry it is affected by a lack of communication. The service technician has this awesome feeling that they are communicating effectively when in fact they are speaking a totally different language than the customer is speaking.

I do believe they are in America speaking English however the version is way different and is several meanings dissimilar than expected. The sales service technician has this belief that they are on the same page and just cannot understand why the customer is having a difficult time understanding.

As an example; in our area we must pull permits for water heater installs. This includes new or replacement gas or electric water heaters. With the install it is required that an electrical upgrade is necessary and a licensed electrician is required to do the work. A sub- contractor form is required and it is extra and above the cost of the plumbing permit and install.

Customers may hear they need an electrical upgrade. This does not mean they understand what that means and is extra which means it is not included with the plumbing install or costs. The plumbing service technician (Plumber) mentions it as a matter of fact due to it not being their concern or included in their work scope. However it is a huge concern as it impacts the cost and sale of the water heater plus your reputation.

After the customer and you have come to agreement the main concern is how we get this started. The customer must sign on the dotted line and your plumbing total is on the bottom of the paperwork. The customer somehow has the belief that is the total amount. Again this does not include the cost of the electrical upgrade.

Without clear and concise communication the customer will always and I do imply always think you are adding to the invoice or paperwork. They believe that you are misleading them, the customer. They believe that you are cheating them and forcing them to do things that are not necessary. Why, because they were not crystal clear with your communication that left ambiguity and doubt with the work scope and bottom line.

This is not done on purpose however there is a subliminal message why this happens. The subliminal message is; the service technician (Plumber) is afraid the extra money may impede the sale and prevent it from moving along. Hence the need and urgency to install the heater and then deal with repercussions that is misunderstood. In most cases this is not done on purpose. The service technician (Plumber) really believes the customer understands the extra work scope that is above and beyond the plumbing work.

It is essential that the plumber or any construction Industry sales service technician communicate properly all costs associated with their work. It should appear on the paperwork as work that is not included on their quote or paperwork. In the case of the electrical upgrade on a water heater should appear like this on the paperwork; All electrical upgrade work to be completed by a licensed electrician and investment to (name of the owner). This quote includes the plumbing work only. No ambiguity in that statement.

Many service technicians in HVAC, electrical, plumbing, painting, windows, flooring, or any other construction service industry business have great difficulty deciphering the affects of extras that can or will influence customer decisions. Sometimes the service technicians experience level affects the knowledge and ability to look 3 dimensional and locate all the different stages of the install and sale. Once again it is not done on purpose and it is an honest mistake unless it begins to become habitual.

Every day you get 86,400 seconds a day. You cannot carry these seconds from one day to the next. You cannot save any of this time nor can you add it to today. You can decide to be a difference maker and I like to call that a moment maker or you can wait for moments to happen. Remember you have 86,400 seconds in day. It is time to become a moment maker and make a difference in your customer’s life.

Your words and actions determine your character that will influence other people’s actions and reactions. You must distinguish right from wrong, how to find the right decision every time and increase the customer’s confidence that you will do what is right for him or her.

The above is called wisdom. Wisdom will make hours of your day more profitable and the years of your life more fruitful. Wisdom is its own reward, and if you scorn her, you hurt yourself. When you do what is right and just your customer will benefit from your wisdom, knowledge, and have trust in your ability to influence decisions. Communicate effective with words that influence and call the customer to action.

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